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My First Funny Story

On Monday, Griffin and Meghan were at school, and Nathan and I were hanging out at home. He’s very into trains right now, so he was upstairs in the playroom, and I decided to go downstairs and work on the computer. I had a fleeting thought of going upstairs with him and gluing down the two-page layout I had on my craft table, but instead I opted to waste time surfing the ‘net. After a while, I noticed it was very, very quiet upstairs. Seasoned moms know that this is the kiss of death. So I went upstairs and saw Nathan at my craft table with a black Sharpie, and the beautiful layout I had worked on for hours was covered in black scribbles, along with my table, my paper cutter, my scissors. “Nay-ten cuh-duh?”

So now I have a choice. My first thought was to reorder the pictures and redo the whole thing. I’m a creative perfectionist to a fault. But I changed my mind. My scrapbooks have evolved into more of an honest history of our family than a glossed-over version of our best moments. I have a lot of pictures of screaming kids and big messes! So I am going to go ahead and glue down these blacked-out pictures and doodled scraps of paper and add some journaling about what happens when I choose to leave my two-year-old alone in the playroom. I’ll title it “If You Give a Tot a Sharpie”.


5 thoughts on “My First Funny Story

  1. First of all, YAY! I’m so glad that you started a blog! Now we can keep up with all of the Hunt adventures from far-off Denver…Second of all, you are my hero! How did you contain yourself from crying, screaming, and/or throwing yourself on the floor in a tantrum (things I would have done) when you saw all of your hard work ruined?!?! One day it will be funny to look back on that page and laugh with Nathan about what he did, but for me that day would be YEARS & YEARS away!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I am so glad that you have a blog. I miss you guys so much and it will be fun to keep up with you more this way.I always love your family stories. Hope everyone is well.All my love, rosie

  3. This is my first “blog” I’m still not so sure I understand what it is. Great story! Glad you could laugh about it. That will be a great conversation piece in about 10 years! Love it!Melissa

  4. Oh my! Jennifer, how did you handle that so gracefully? Seth got a red crayon to the back of my couch a few years back, and I am still trying to get over that. I can’t wait to see little Nathan’s first attempt at scrapbooking. What a fun memory.Lara

  5. I second all the comments- I am TOTALLY proud of you for not redoing it. I think that is what my first thought would be too- and I think it is SO great that you are going with it. And I have a feeling that that will be so much more special than if you redid it, anyway!! Great choice!

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