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Can anyone explain this please?

Seven pairs of pants. Same hole in the same knee. How does this happen? (And this doesn’t include the five other pair that we cut off to make shorts!) We keep buying more jeans, but I think I need to invest in iron-on patches. This is getting ridiculous. Five year old boys are a breed unto themselves.

Does Sears still sell Toughskins?

(BTW, I totally ripped off the idea for this picture from a CK magazine. Yep, it’s going into the scrapbook! But isn’t that a cute page idea? What did I tell you yesterday? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SCRAPBOOK!!)


3 thoughts on “Can anyone explain this please?

  1. You crack me up! Matt always tells me, “We need to LIVE! Not everything needs to be scrapped or blogged!” I never realized we had so much in common before. And loving “organization and your bed”–totally me. I saw a news story the other night that naps make you live a longer life and I told Matt that the next time he sees me napping I will tell him that it is saving my life. šŸ™‚

  2. That’s hilarious! There a feature article in our paper last week about a blogging mom missing out on her life because she was spending so much time on the computer!And our friend, Tiffani, swears I missed out on a lot of fun when we were in high school because I would go home and go to bed. You know the praise song, “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”? I sing, “I Could Stay In My Bed Forever”. My kids think I’m nuts.

  3. I do think I saw some of those pants at Sears that have a double layer in the knee. Maybe they were tough skins! Aparently, although annoying, not uncommon among little boys. I think it goes right along with the “pkshu! pkshu! pkshu!” and the ability to turn anything they touch into their arsenal!!! šŸ™‚

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