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Tales of Slumber

We survived Meghan’s first slumber party this weekend! We hosted seven shrieking girls, plus one boy-who-is-a-friend (who went home at 9 p.m.), and everyone had a really fun time. They ate pizza, sang karaoke, painted canvas bags, watched Cinderella III, then stayed up ’til 1:30 a.m. drawing pictures and crashing through the ceiling (almost). Michael’s comment was “next year, we pay the $200 for two hours somewhere else!” I really can’t complain, though. Meghan’s friends are really great girls – very sweet and polite…just a little crazy. But then again, who was not a little crazy at age 8?

As you can see, Nathan is his father’s son. He LOVED all the attention and loved being surrounded by all these cute girls. When I went to get him up on Saturday morning, he didn’t want to get out of his crib for some reason, but when I said, “you want to go see the girls?” he jumped up and ran down the hall. Boy, we are in for it with this one!

Here are several more pics from our crazy evening…

Griffin joined in the fun and made a bag with the girls.

Megan D., Allison,
Benton, Alyssa, Meghan, Cate & Hannah
Sweet friends!

OK, this was hysterical. On Saturday morning, the girls played a pick-up game of “American Idol,” and Michael was Ryan Seacrest. They would sing, he would interview, and then the rest of the crew (including Griffin) would review their “notes” and critique them. “I liked your song, but you need to sing louder.” “You looked nervous.” “The song was too fast for you.” “I give you 20 points. Welcome to Hollywood!” They cracked me up!


5 thoughts on “Tales of Slumber

  1. Hilarious! It looks like you guys had a GREAT party! I can totally see Michael playing the role of Ryan. =) Miss you guys TONS!!! Glad things seem to be going well.All my love! rosie

  2. Hey!! You have a blog!! Should my feelings be hurt that I was not invited!!?? I so love your comments on mine!! :)I can’t wait to read more- and love the title. I am with you- everything is about how I can use it in scrapbooking!

  3. Courtney! I’m so glad you found me! I sent Joel an email, but I must not have your email in my address book. I’m sorry! I’m dying to see y’all again and get my hands on that adorable baby!

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