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Catchy tune, powerful lyrics

Yesterday was Tuesday, which means I spent a good majority of my day in the car. While I was dropping off or picking up our three kids at three different schools, I heard How to Save a Life by The Fray no less than 5 times. Seriously. I recognized the song from the promo video for Grey’s Anatomy last fall, which made me wonder why I was hearing it on the local Christian radio station, and I couldn’t really understand the lyrics enough to know what the song is about. So I decided to do some Googling, and I found out that The Fray is actually a band of very cool Christian guys on a secular label who write about very raw emotions and experiences. The lead singer wrote How To Save a Life after working with a drug-addicted teenager at a Christian halfway house, and “no one could write a manual on how to save him.” He talks about how we get so self-righteous in trying to convince those we love to make better decisions, and how we think we know the best way for others to get on the right track.

So after I read all this and read the lyrics to the song, I started thinking about all the people in my life that I would love to “save” – people I love who make really bad choices and who I just want to knock over the head and scream “WAKE UP! Don’t you see what you’re doing?!?” And in talking about this, I’ve found that it’s a common experience. We all seem to have people in our lives who are hurting, and we can’t save them. I have little doubt that there are people who would like to knock me over the head and point out my own bad choices.

It seems the older I get, the more messy life becomes. The Fray is a group of guys who grew up going to private Christian schools and living in very sheltered suburban communities, and I can relate to that. Life isn’t nearly as black and white as it used to be, which has raised some very interesting questions for me.

And seriously, that is why I love “Grey’s Anatomy” so much…it portrays the messiness of life and relationships very poetically, and nothing is ever wrapped up in a neat little package after its 43 minutes are done. The English major in me loves all the thematic elements and double-entendre. The hot docs certainly don’t hurt the show either! (which I can say because I have my own hot doc who sits next to me while we watch the show…and he’s learned not to utter a peep until the commercial break!)

But I digress. You can read more about The Fray here and here.

And as a totally random footnote, moms of young kids, heed this advice: Don’t allow anything in your house but washable crayons. Those #$&* Rose Art crayons do not come off of walls, clothing, or hardwood floors without some serious effort!


2 thoughts on “Catchy tune, powerful lyrics

  1. Very cool. Great points. I wish christian radio would wake up and recognize the great talents that are in the Christian market. Not that I am bitter or anything! But it is really sad that a group has to “go secular” before the Christain radio will start playing it. They should be playing it FIRST!! That happened with Matt Kearney too- he is all over VH1 and I just heard him now on KLTY. Enough of my soapbox!

  2. Great blog, Jennifer. I had heard that The Fray are Christians and from Denver, but didn’t know the origins of that song. Interesting. Yes, there are so many people in my life I would love to “save” too (i.e. my brother who has fallen away from God and is going through a divorce). So true about life and relationships being messy. It is so hard, yet fulfilling, to be in authentic community. And I totally agree with Courtney about Christian radio not playing bands sooner. They NEVER used to play Third Day until they got big and more “worshipful”. Something that drives Matt and I nuts is when Christian artists re-do secular songs so THEN it is ok to play on Christian radio even though the lyrics are exactly the same!!!! There is my 2 cents! :)P.S. LOVE the Sharpie scrapbook pages! Once again–you have the patience of a saint!!!!!

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