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Moving and shaking

So much has been going on during the past few weeks, and I’m trying to figure out a way to fill you in without boring you with all the details. Holy guacamole, God has been moving and shaking so much that my head is about to explode!

Let me preface this story by saying that we have been going through Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God with our Adult Team (small group) at church, and it’s been very good. During the past few weeks, the lessons have been about listening when God speaks, emptying ourselves of what we want and allowing the Holy Spirit to plant the Father’s desires in our hearts.

We have been looking at land to purchase for building The House sometime in the next few years. We found one lot we love, and just when we thought we knew what God was doing…wham! He opens up a new possibility for something else that is even more amazing (albeit much more logistically complicated). Both are unbelievable options for us, and either piece of land would be incredible. However, this new possibility opened up the same day I read in my devotional:

If I start asking God for one thing and something different happens, I always respond to what begins happening. I have found that God always has far more to give me than I can even ask or think…You can’t even think a prayer that comes close to what God wants to give you. Only the Spirit of God knows what God is doing or purposing in your life. Let God give you all that He wants to give.

Right now, we’re waiting, talking, praying. Honestly, we have no idea what this means, what God is purposing for us or what we’re going to do. I seriously think my head is going to explode! It can’t possibly hold all the details and options and deep spiritual lessons involved in this decision!

But this week, God clearly spoke to me. (It’s been a while, so that alone was very cool.) I was in my minivan (windows closed this time) listening to Jeremy Camp’s I’ll Take You Back (is he the one who sings that song?), thinking about everything going on and asking God to show me what to do and speak through the music on the radio. This song wasn’t what I expected, but I still waited, and He spoke.

I’m glad you’re back.
Me too.
You know it’s all about the process, right?
Yes, I know.
I’ll give you an answer when you need it.
I believe You!

It’s not so much about the decision itself as it is about the decision-making process – how we seek the Father’s will and genuinely desire to do only what He wants for us. We learned that lesson on a smaller scale back when we were engaged and Michael was deciding where to go for medical school. We never got a “lightning bolt” answer, but God clearly showed us that seeking His will and heart in the decision was so much more important than where we decided to live.

I’ll keep you updated! If you can’t sleep tonight without knowing all the details about the land and the decision, email me at jenniferhunt73@verizon.net or call me and I’ll be happy to bore you!


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