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A Day at the Zoo

I think you’ve probably had enough of my ramblings, and I’m way overdue on posting pictures of cute kids! We met my mom at the zoo yesterday, and although it was packed, we had a really fun day.

It’s too bad my kids don’t look anything alike…

We took an ice cream stop toward the end of the afternoon, and Nathan kept grabbing Griffin and pulling him over. He’d scream, “My Fiffin!” (which is perfect because I just made a couple of “brother” pages at a scrapbooking workshop!)

Here’s Meghan next to Smiley…

This picture wasn’t from the zoo, but it’s still really cute! While I was changing his diaper, Nathan grabbed the powder and…well, you get the idea.


One thought on “A Day at the Zoo

  1. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! That pic of Meghan with the croc (or alligator) is great! We love the zoo! We go all the time with our free family pass and there is always something new to see since the animals are always doing something different. Fun, fun!!!! 🙂

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