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No-Mess Tie-Dye!!!

I had to share this very fun craft idea! My friend, Gretchen, and I did these last summer with our kids, and my MOPS group did this on Friday morning. So many people commented on how fun it was and what a great craft to do with your kids! It is so easy – Griffin even did his own last summer. Here is the shirt I made for Nathan on Friday (front and back)…

You need:

  • a plastic cup
  • rubber band
  • colored Sharpie markers
  • rubbing alcohol
  • medicine dropper
  • hair dryer
  • white t-shirt (or onesie or anything else you want to decorate)

Place the tshirt over the rim of the cup and place the rubber band around it. Make dots or patterns with the Sharpies. Drop the alcohol on the design with the medicine dropper and watch it spread. Dry/heat set the design with the hair dryer. Repeat.

Isn’t that the coolest?


4 thoughts on “No-Mess Tie-Dye!!!

  1. Meghan’s shirt (last summer) did bleed pink, but the boys’ both washed fine. The colors faded a little bit, but they still look really cool!Someone at MOPS was telling me about a Shout Color Catcher that she uses regularly and was going to throw in the wash with her tshirt.

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