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Happy Easter!

We had a really fun weekend celebrating Easter! Michael sang at five services (2 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday), which was really fun for him. Meghan went to “big church” with us on Sunday morning, and it was so awesome to watch and hear her worshiping through music. She be-bops around, closes her eyes, raises her hands, and sings at the top of her lungs. I love being a witness to this growing heart of gold.

We went to my parents’ house Sunday afternoon for Easter dinner with them, my brother, and his girlfriend. My dad (and I’m going to be very careful here because I am absolutely LIVID about this) is recovering from his second motorcycle crash – he has a 12-inch plate and 10 screws in his arm, 5 broken ribs, and a badly bruised leg from hip to ankle. It’s so hard to raise good parents these days. Soooo….If you can’t say anything nice, move on to the cute pictures of your kids…

My mom made the same bunny cake that she’s been making since I was a toddler. Nathan found it and clandestinely picked off the jelly beans! He’s such a sneak. Later he found my purse and colored his face with lipstick. Can you believe I didn’t take a picture?!? I was so worried about getting him cleaned up before he got lipstick on the carpet and furniture that I didn’t even think about grabbing my camera!

My mom is such an awesome grandma. She hid eggs for the kids before we came over. They had a BLAST!

Don’tcha just want to eat them up?

Meghan still wore her sleeveless Easter dress, even though it was 48 degrees! We even had snow flurries on Saturday. CRAZY!

Those of you who know me well know that there is no better place for me than (no, not the “road that leads to Heaven”) a big comfy bed! I LOVE bed! I even sing about it….”I could stay in my bed forever…” (as opposed to “sing of your love forever”…yep, I’m gonna burn for that one). Michael and I are leaving the kids with my mom (thanks, Mom!) and heading to Seattle this week for a medical meeting. I’m not planning to leave the bed for 4 days! I’m not changing diapers or pouring milk or cleaning up spills or toasting waffles. Just me, HBO, and a couple of good books…maybe some scrapbooking if I get around to it. I’m so pumped!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. So cute kiddos! I love the matching outfits!! Wow- crazy dad, huh? Funny Steven Joke!! Ha!! Have FUN in bed- I am SO jealous! It is so hard to sleep in these days!! 🙂

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