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I am rested. Restored. Even a little giddy at the memory of the Heavenly Bed.

We had a great trip to Seattle! True to my word, I slept for four days (well, close to that). I was actually a little underwhelmed by the Heavenly Bed – it didn’t quite live up to all the hype – but it was a bed and it had white linens, which is very important when you are as germaphobic as I am, especially in hotel rooms. When we checked in, the hotel had already assigned all the rooms with king-size beds, so they gave us one with a queen and a lovely view of a cement wall. Um, no. So we went back to the desk and got another room with two double beds and a fantastic view of downtown Seattle.

OK, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Although I am madly in love with my husband, he breathes really loudly and occasionally even snores, and I am a very light sleeper. So spreading out on a double bed with six fluffy pillows all to myself was not such a bad deal. At least for me.

While we were there, the Texas Rangers just happened to be in town playing a series against the Seattle Mariners, and they were staying in our hotel! We saw Sammy Sosa getting off the elevator, we rode the elevator with a few other players (who looked and acted about 17 years old), and got the all-star shortstop’s autograph (can’t remember his name). It was pretty exciting. (Can you sense my excitement? Woo-Hoo! Baseball!)

We got to see a lot of friends from Iowa, which was fun. OH! And we saw Aaron Miller…any Rockwall people out there remember Aaron? We were in the same high school graduating class, and he is one of ~30 pedi ophthalmologists in the state of Texas. Small world! He’s practicing in Houston now and is married with twin 3 year old boys.

I must say, though, that my favorite moment of the entire trip was eating a slice of Godiva cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory while laying in my Heavenly Bed and watching a movie with Michael on his laptop computer. Bliss!

So now we’re back to reality, but I am finding myself so much more patient and loving with the kids since returning home…which is good since it will take me at least another 2 weeks to deprogram my kids after spending four days with their loving, gives-them-anything-they-want Meme!


One thought on “Restored

  1. Jennifer,You CRACK me up! I’m glad you guys had a good get-away trip. I am totally with you on the double bed thing. Matt snores too and he says I hog the bed, so we always need a king or separate beds. In fact, Matt has heard about how some new homes are building separate quarters for the husband and wife–like they used to do in the olden days of kings and queens. He teases me that he would like that! P.S. No pics????

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