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Exciting news!

Yes, I am posting three new entries in a row, but it’s been a busy weekend!

“You prepare a table before me…” (Psalm 23:5) Did you know that in the original language, the word for table can be translated “land”? I read that in Philip Keller’s A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, a book I highly recommend. He was a real shepherd in Africa, and he explains all the nuances of the wording and the language in Psalm 23 that we don’t get because shepherding is so far removed from our culture. In this verse, David talks about how God goes before him to prepare the way for him to go, just as a shepherd goes ahead of his sheep to examine and prepare the pasture for anything that would harm his sheep and to create good grazing land for them.


Just wanted to let you know that we closed on our new land yesterday afternoon! We are now the proud owners of 2.091 acres of woods! We truly feel that God has prepared and is preparing this land before us, and has blessed us immeasurablely for His purposes for our home and family.

Literally 24 hours before the closing, we were thinking the entire deal was about to fall through, and we actually uttered the words “lawsuit.” But Friday morning we heard from the title company that it was a go, and we went in (with all three kids – bribery is a beautiful thing and threats are even better!) at 4:00 to sign the papers. Eric and Gracie signed theirs right after us, and the seller went in this morning.

We are very excited…though I will be 100% excited once everything is cleared to build. There is still a big ol’ utility easement running straight down the middle of our lot, and there is a question of whether or not the city is going to make us pave the driveway all the way to the street, which is about 1/4 mile and $100K. If either of those isn’t worked out in our favor, we have a mutual agreement with the Packwoods to sell the land to them, so we’re protected – but still very hopeful that it will all work out.

I hope to post some pictures soon. It’s such a beautiful piece of land!


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