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Short circuit

Am I the only mom who feels like she is losing her mind? There are days…ok, most every day…that I swear I have adult ADD. I think it is maternal-onset ADD! I wasn’t like this before I had kids – at least not this bad.

For example, I am incapable of reading an entire newspaper article in one sitting – even if I am alone in a quiet house! I’m in the shower and suddenly ask myself, “did I already wash my feet?” I can’t remember! I am in one room and think of something I need to add to my grocery list or my to-do list, and by the time I get to the kitchen to write it down, I have completely forgotten what it is – or even that I have something to add to my list. Other times I walk into a room to do something, find something else that needs to be done, start to do that, but then in the middle of that task, I find something else that needs to be done…and 7 tasks later, I have completely forgotten about the original task. It drives me nuts.

I know exactly what has caused this. It is absolutely impossible for me to accomplish anything without interruption. Any task I start is paused with “Mommy, I need…” or “Mommy, can you…?” or “Mommy, watch this!” or “Mommy, I stinky.” I could go on. I honestly think my brain has short circuited and my attention span has significantly shortened. It’s a little scary.

So PLEASE tell me I’m not alone and not the only mom who feels like she needs to be medicated or committed to some sort of institution!


2 thoughts on “Short circuit

  1. Yes, it is scary that “Mommy Brain” happens to all of us. Of course, I’m sure you have it a bit worse with 2 extra kids than me, but mine is still quite a severe case. P.S. Yours could also be “PREGNANCY Brain”–they are quite similar, ya know. 🙂

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