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Bubble Buddies

A few weeks ago, Michael was gone, Nathan went to bed early, but the big kids still needed a bath. Bathtime is official “bonding time with Daddy” (in other words, I HATE giving them a bath and rarely do it unless I can smell them coming). So on this night, they reeked. They didn’t want to take a shower (my other “out”). Griffin was whining and fussing about having to bathe, so I suggested they take a bath downstairs in our bathtub, which is a rare treat for them and would mean they would probably get clean enough that I wouldn’t have to labor over them with a washcloth (they either wash themselves or each other). Clever, huh?

I left them to play for a few minutes while I cleaned up the dinner dishes, and when I returned, they had poured baby wash in the tub and turned on the jacuzzi jets(which you’re not supposed to do…something about clogging the filters), and there were bubbles EVERYWHERE! As with the majority of mothering moments, I now face a choice: do I yell and get upset and make them clean it up…or do I run to the next room and grab my camera?

Of course, I opted for the latter! They were having such a great time together, and who am I to spoil all the fun? This was a sweet moment for me because lately these two have not always been the best of friends. Griffin is a typical pesky little brother, and Meghan is a typical first-born, bossy girl. At one time, they adored each other, but lately they find less and less in common. So to see them playing and laughing together…it was music to this mommy’s ears!

I still continue to pray for their relationship – I want them to cheer each other on, encourage each other, laugh together, have fun together, and appreciate their individual gifts and differences. It does happen, just not as often these days. And when it does, I soak it in and take a picture!


2 thoughts on “Bubble Buddies

  1. My brother and I went through phases like that. We loved each other, we hated each other, we love each other…Things are GREAT now!!! They’ll be fine. I miss your kids so much!!!

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