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That On Which We Will Live

It does just look like pictures of a bunch of random trees, but someday it will be home! A few pictures don’t give the full extent of how the land is laid out, but hopefully you can at least see a little bit of why we feel so blessed to own this little piece of heaven!

We think this little bit of clearing in the first picture is where we will have a circle drive, and the house will be just behind it, angled back toward the trees.

This is looking down towards the creek at the back of the property. This is where our kids will run, play, get dirty, find bugs, ride their bikes, explore…where we will have a spacious flagstone patio to sit and drink lemonade with friends, sharing life together while we watch the kids play and the fireflies dance.


2 thoughts on “That On Which We Will Live

  1. Sighhh… It is beautiful! I cannot wait to sip lemonade with you while our kids explore together!! I showed it to Christian and he said “Aw, but that means they are moving farther away!” I had to explain that it was just a different place for a house, but still in the same area you already live in…still tooooo far away!How exciting! Can’t wait to see how things progress!!!Love you guys!

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