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I was lying in bed last night, completely perplexed and thinking waaaaay too much about a silly TV show. But I came up with a (conspiracy) theory.

Let’s think about this. If the final two were Jordin and Melinda, it would be boring because they are very similar in style and almost-but-not-quite-equal in ability. If it were Blake and Melinda, it would be no contest because Melinda is so much better. I personally am not a Blake fan. He does weird things with his face when he sings (though I did think he sang a better Maroon 5 song than Maroon 5 themselves).

Remembering that TV is a money-making business, what match-up will bring in the most advertising dollars? YES! Jordin and Blake! They could not be any more different in looks, style of music, fan base; hence, more viewers. That’s it. It’s all rigged…just like sporting events are rigged to bring in more advertising during Game 7s and overtime. I’m convinced. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  1. You are too funny! I have to admit, though, that I have thought of this before too. When the Bulls won the ’96 championship on Father’s Day right after Michael Jordan’s dad died and he cried on the floor hugging the ball (I was lucky enough to actually be at the game)…it all seemed just too perfect…hmmm…:)Jen

  2. I TOTALLY agree! I always say that about sports…there will always be a game 7. That being said, I guess the Cavs will lose the next game here in Cleveland.Gretchen

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