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Pomp and Circumstance

Boy, I hate that song. I cried when I heard it at my own high school graduation, and I cried when I heard it last night at Griffin’s preschool graduation. Though Michael pointed out that “commencement” actually means “beginning,” so it’s not the end…really.

But it is. My middle baby is leaving behind the preschool years and heading off to kindergarten! I wasn’t nearly this emotional at this stage with Meghan, though I think that is because our lives were in total upheaval when she finished preschool – we were moving, I was pregnant, Michael was starting a new job…that, and her graduation “ceremony” wasn’t nearly as formal. Her preschool was in her teacher’s basement, and although the teacher was very good and the kids loved her, we secretly called her “the preschool Nazi” – not a very warm person, and I was frankly terrified of her!

But not Ms. Natalie. Oh, how I love Ms. Natalie!!! Griffin’s teachers are PHENOMENAL. He started this year not nearly ready for kindergarten (even though he had just turned 5) – couldn’t sit still, couldn’t pay attention, couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He daily reaffirmed our decision to wait another year for kindergarten. But something amazing happened under the careful eye and nurturing of his amazing teachers. They set high expectations and gently nudged this class of 8 boys and 4 girls towards preschool excellence, all the while being totally cool and getting down to their level. Griffin and Ms. Natalie talked about the Mavericks and American Idol and all his favorite things. He learned to read and do math – simple adding and grouping, and he learned (miracle of miracles!) to sit, pay attention, take turns, raise his hand, walk quietly in the halls and glory! keep his hands to himself!!! He LOVED going to school.

Ms. Anne was Ms. Natalie’s assistant teacher, and she is a hoot. She is from England, and she taught the kids to refer to the potties as “the loo,” and every day, they would have a “loo checker” – the highlight of Griffin’s week was when he got to check the loos to make sure they were all flushed and clean! She also hosted an English tea party for the kids, and that was a big hit.

Griffin is more than ready to begin kindergarten, which is fantastic…but I am really going to miss Ms. Natalie. She is one gifted, amazing woman with a heart for 5 year old boys.

Here are some pictures from their program…


Griffin was hysterical…he really got into the songs and danced his patootie off!

Getting his “diploma” from the preschool director, Ms. Ann…a.ka. “the boss”!
Sweet hugs for a super-sweet teacher…


5 thoughts on “Pomp and Circumstance

  1. Griffin sounds like “all boy” to me, but I’m glad that he was so lovingly nurtured this past year by his teachers. It sounds like he has really grown up a lot! You know how Matt has “hot opinions”. Well, he thinks there are too many graduation ceremonies now. I mean I had one from elementary school, one from h.s., and one from college. Now there is pre-school graduation, kindergarten graduation, elementary school graduation, middle school graduation, and on and on…. He thinks by having so many graduation ceremonies it takes away some of the “specialness”. Anyway, that is my hubby’s 2 cents. 🙂 Love,Jen

  2. Ah, Matt. I love ya, Mattie. Always have. And I will LOVE to hear your “hot opinion” again four years from now when your baby girl is finishing pre-K and you realize how she is officially not a baby anymore, how she doesn’t need you nearly as much as she used to, when she is entering a huge new season of life, and you realize there is absolutely no turning back from it. Tell me then how ridiculous it is to have a time to celebrate the end of her babyhood. Tell me then that it isn’t “special” and that each new season isn’t worth celebrating. Until then, please celebrate every second of her babyness because you will BLINK and it will have disappeared! Still love ya, Mattie! 🙂

  3. Ha!! Yall are funny. I can totally hear Matt saying all this. But of course, we are sappy moms so we have to get into this stuff!!Jennifer, I don’t think you are a freak for reading the writers blog. I love it.

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