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The Finish Line

The past week has been a little nuts, but we finally arrived at the official end-of-the-year and are full-force into summer! Here are a few of the highlights…

AWANA awards

Meghan finished her 3rd year as a Spark, and Griffin finished his 1st. I’m so proud of these guys – they both finished their entire book, review, workbook, and extra credit book. I’ve lost count of how many verses they memorized! It’s pretty amazing. My prayer is that the seeds of God’s word are planted deep in their hearts, that they will be “watered,” and grow into great oaks of righteousness and bear much fruit.

Such a funny look…see below!

Dance Recital

The official final event of the school year…Meghan finished her 2nd year at this great studio and her 5th year of dance. This class was much more challenging for her, and the teacher is more strict than Meghan’s thin skin will sometimes tolerate, but she has really learned a lot and improved so much. I love this studio so much – their entire philosophy revolves around dance being a form of worship. They train and dance and perform with so much integrity and grace. My parents came to the recital and sat through the entire 2 1/2 hours…and thoroughly enjoyed it. Really! Meghan is still a little mad at us for taking her out of another local studio two years ago after their recital – I just couldn’t stand to watch my then-5 year old shaking her booty in leopard print! So even though she is just taking classical ballet right now and can’t take a jazz class (the one thing she really misses) until she’s 10, I feel much better knowing that she’s 1) being trained well, and 2) being trained with integrity.

OK, so there’s the look again. My parents and I got a huge kick out of this. When I was in 6th & 7th grade, I played the violin. Every single picture they have of me playing the violin, I have my lips pressed together! I still do it when I’m concentrating on something…and apparently Meghan has picked it up or just does it because she is genetically pre-wired to do it!

Rangers Game

Michael took Meghan and Griffin and Meghan’s friend, Alyssa, to a Rangers game last week. It was supposed to start at 7:00. They went to Steak ‘n Shake first, then went to the Ballpark, and as they were walking in from the parking lot, it started POURING! The game was delayed until 9:00, and they left at the top of the 6th, and still didn’t get home until after midnight. They all had a great time, though, loved the fireworks, and even learned a little something about baseball (yaaaawwwwwnnnnn….).

Check out Griffin’s shin guards! He was worried that a ball may fly out into the outfield and hit him on the legs. Who could argue with that?!? Michael said Griffin would stand up and swing his imaginary bat when the Rangers were up in order to “help” them get a hit. (Obviously it didn’t help too much since the Rangers were slaughtered!)


In between rain showers (will it EVER stop?) the kids took some sidewalk chalk outside and played hopscotch. I include this information specifically because of the second picture…how cute is that?!? I had to wait until the sun went down to take it because of the glare on the floor, so all afternoon I was viciously protecting these precious footprints!


6 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. Jennifer,You take such amazing pictures and capture your children beautifully! I love that Meghan is in ballet, yet still loves sports. I hope Grace can find that balance too. I soooooo wanted to be a ballerina growing up! I didn’t have the perseverance, though, and only took dance for about 2-3 years. :(Here’s to a great summer full of many family adventures…Love,JenP.S. How old do they have to be to start AWANA’S?

  2. I didn’t have the perseverence to complete ANYTHING, which I thoroughly regret!AWANA starts at age 3 and goes through high school. It is an incredible program that I would highly, highly recommend!

  3. Meghan looks so big and beautiful! How did this happen? In my head she is still 3 with that cute little belly and cute little legs in her ballet tights on our way to Kate’s in Iowa! Give her a big hug for me!!!Gretch

  4. Well, color me impressed. Why- because1) your kids probably know more scriptures than I do at this point2) you are holding a high standard when every other mom would just shake her head and say, ‘thats what dance classes are these days- booty shaking and leopard print.” Not that I have anything against leopard print, but I am very inspired to hear that you are holding the standard high. I need that reminder MUCH more, in this age of MTV movie awards and Jess’s breakups with John Mayer. Good for you!!Can’t wait to read that article, too!!

  5. Jess broke up with John Mayer?!? :)Thanks, Courtney. Ya know, we screw up A LOT as parents, but in this particular case, we watched the teenage girls dancing at this recital, and we realized we couldn’t just let Meghan dance along and then pull the plug when she’s 13 and say, “sorry, this isn’t appropriate.” I certainly do not believe in sheltering our kids, and I have zero against leopard print, but you have to draw the line somewhere and make decisions for your kids that will ultimately (and hopefully) shape their character. $.02

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