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You Make Me Wanna Be Brave

The boys and I have gone to our neigh- borhood spray park every afternoon this week. I love it because they can play and I can relax…and I don’t have to chase them or worry about them drowning!

Nathan has been so funny to watch this week. Like his big sister, he is very cautious and timid (I use that word loosely) – he doesn’t like getting wet, and he takes his time getting comfortable in new situations. Griffin, on the other hand, has always been charge ahead, no fear, and jumps into any new situation head-first without looking back. He has been like that since he was a baby…oh, the stories I could tell!! It amazes me how their little personalities are so evident from so early on in their lives.

Anyway, at the beginning of the week, Nathan would skirt around the perimeter of the water and run for his life screaming when the water got too close. Griffin, of course, was running full-speed ahead and having a blast. We’ve returned every day this week, and yesterday, Nathan finally mustered the courage to get close enough to the water to actually get wet, and by the end of our time there, he was two steps behind Griffin, laughing and soaking wet!

It was so interesting for me as I sat back and watched this all evolve. Our kids have very distinctive personalities, but it is awesome to see them learn from each other! Griffin gave Nathan the courage to try something new by just being himself. Nathan wants so much to be just like his big brother!

Now if we can just get him in the pool…

He’s gonna KILL me for this someday! (but the kid is skin and bones and couldn’t keep his trunks up to save his life!)

Nothing like a cupcake break!

Brave brothers, best of friends

“Les go, Fiffin!”


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