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Blast from the Past

Michael and I got the kids to bed last night and sat down to watch Garden State with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman. It’s one of those semi-quirky indie films with lots of metaphor and subtext. I liked it. Michael has called a sit-down meeting to discuss the movie titles on our Netflix queue. 🙂

So we’re watching the movie, when suddenly I sit up a little straighter. Is that…? Hand me the remote.

Menu. Scene Selection. “End Credits”…YESSSSS! It is!

The actor who played Tim (the guy in the knight costume at the breakfast table) is Jim Parsons, who was a good friend of mine from 7th grade speech & drama in Houston! I am floored. He looks like a taller, slimmer version of my memory. I’m so freakin’ proud of him I can hardly stand it!

Suddenly I am 12 years old again, standing on a chair in the orchestra room of Strack Intermediate School, rehearsing “It’s a Mad, Mad World” with Karen Looney. The taste of Welch’s Grape Soda in my mouth is so close, I can…well, almost taste it. It seems like a lifetime ago – like it happened to someone else – but the memory is so vivid. That opens a floodgate of prepubescent memories…especially since my parents moved us 300 miles north at the end of that year, and it took me years to get over it.

When we were going to bed after the movie, I looked at Michael and thought, “How did I get here?” (since half an hour ago, I was still 12). And more importantly, I’m wildly curious about the road that Jim took from 7th grade speech tournaments to a knight costume in Garden State. Yay, Jim!


One thought on “Blast from the Past

  1. That is SO fun!! That is exactly how we felt when we watched the office and J & M’s old roomate is Kevin on there. It is the craziest feeling to see someone you know!! By the way, that armor part was cracking me up.

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