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God’s Hand in Vietnam

My mother-in-law sent us a link to an article in the Dallas Morning News about our church and the work we’re doing in Vietnam. Michael is actually planning a trip there for the first time in September, and we’re very excited about it! He will work a couple of days doing eye exams for the orphanage there, and he will also meet with government officials to set up a permanent eye clinic in an area that has absolutely no eye care at all. Think about it: you walk through this Vietnamese village, and no one is wearing glasses. No one. And not because they all have perfect vision. How much we take for granted!

The hope is that eventually he and his partners can go there several times a year to conduct clinics and perform surgery and train the doctors there to do follow-up care, and they’re hoping that once it’s set up, they can recruit more ophthalmologists to go throughout the year.

I have to stop for a sec and brag on my husband. He is such an amazing man, doctor, husband, dad, and friend. He and his partners are such incredible guys with a true sense of calling – God has gifted them with astounding medical knowledge and understanding, and their goal is to build their practice not for personal financial gain, but so that they can afford to each take off 2+ weeks a year to serve in places like Vietnam. I’m so proud of him – and all of them. We could not have dreamed up a better working situation.

Please pray for this upcoming trip – for the logistics, the relationships that Michael will form, the work he will do, his health, wisdom, and his heart. (And if you think about it, pray for me and the kids and all of our togetherness while Daddy is gone for two weeks!)


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