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So busy, so fun!

The last week or so has been a whirlwind… but so full of fun things! It began last weekend with Griffin’s birthday party. We took seven 5 & 6 year olds bowling, and oh-my-goodness! If you are ever totally stressed and need a good laugh, watch preschoolers bowl! It was hysterical!!! They had such a good time…

We also went to the Star Wars exhibit at the science museum, which was very cool. My kids are obsessed with Star Wars (as are many of their peers), and they could tell me all about the story and the characters before they even saw the movies. The exhibit had many of the costumes and spaceship models they used for filming, as well as several hands-on science experiments. They loved it.

So yesterday was Griffin’s actual 6th birthday. Yippee! It was such a fun day. We started out with our traditional blueberry muffins with candles in bed (something my mom did when I was growing up, and we’ve continued the tradition…it’s a favorite!)

…and we opened gifts. Michael’s parents got him a set of junior golf clubs! Michael has been working on me since before Christmas for this. I still hold my position that it’s a bad idea on so many levels (see above comments about Star Wars obsession), but Griffin was SO excited. Michael even took him out to the driving range this afternoon, and they had a ball (no pun intended) together. I think it will make for some special Daddy-Son bonding time. Michael is just hoping for a college scholarship!

Oh, and see that hole in his hair? Um, yeah. That would be the place where Griffin somehow got gum stuck in his hair…and then decided to cut it. Lovely. He got it buzzed today. I’ll have to post a picture of that. I’m hoping it will grow out at least a little bit before school starts!

So his big present from the family was a new bike! He’s needed one for a long time. Griffin has so much energy that he really needs fun things to do to get him outside and burn some of it off! (I wish he could just give me a small fraction of his energy…I could do all kinds of things then!)

Finally, the highlight of our weekend… we drove to Cameron, Texas, to the home of the Morgans, the parents of my college roommate, Holly. We met the Morgans, Holly, Derek, Grace & Emily at her parents’ house and had a BLAST! This has become an annual tradition for us – one that we anticipate as soon as we get home. They have an amazing backyard with a 9-hole putt-putt course, a playscape, a castle, a western town, a gazebo, and a soon-to-be-completed enclosed porch…all created by Holly’s dad …plus a ginormous inflatable water slide! The kids love going there, and I love getting to hang out with Holly and her family. We were potluck roommates at Baylor 16 years ago (EGAD!), and have been the best of friends since. It’s funny how we’ve gone from talking about classes and boys to talking about potty training and peer pressure! How did we get here? But she is one of my favorite people in the world.

We’re off to Cleveland to visit my other favorite family, the Dupps, this week! Then we’re back for a week before school starts. Where has the summer gone? Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

OK, before I sign off, I’m going to pacify Jen Honeycutt with my “tag” thing that’s been going around the blog world. I’ve been putting it off because I hate these things (I’m sure there’s some deep-seated intimacy issues involved), but here’s my best (if not incomplete) effort:

The Rules:
**I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
**Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
**People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (**if you’re a non-blogger, you can email them!)
**At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
**Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Eight random things about me:

  • I am a germ-a-phobe. Hotel rooms freak me out. I never walk barefoot or allow my family to walk barefoot in a hotel room. I have an economy sized bottle of antibac gel in my car and smaller bottles in my purse and diaper bag. I hate touching raw meat, and my favorite kitchen gadget is my digital thermometer (to guarantee the meat is fully cooked!). I NEVER put my purse on the floor at a restaurant. Grocery carts gross me out.
  • My never-to-be-realized dream is to stand downstage center on Broadway and belt out a heart-wrenching ballad ala Linda Eder. I knew I missed this calling when I saw Ragtime.
  • I love my bed. I could stay in my bed forever. I cannot sleep without my body pillow (which I got when I was pregnant with Meghan and swore to Michael I would get rid of it after she was born!) I sleep with earplugs. I usually fall asleep after being in bed for at least a half an hour (on a good night). Tylenol PM is my new best friend.
  • I’m still not over high school. Permanent damage. Prefer not to think about it. College was one of the best times of my life!
  • I’m an inside girl. The great outdoors is not my thing. “Roughing it” means 4-stars!
  • I used to be extroverted, but the older I get, the more I am turning into my mother. I’m much more introverted now – except with people who really know me.
  • I have a horrible memory! (again, like my mother) I was never a good dancer because I couldn’t remember the steps, even after practicing a million times, and I didn’t use my English degree to teach because I couldn’t remember what I read during the last semester.
  • I have a recurring nightmare that involves getting to the end of my college career and realizing I either don’t have enough math credits or I have a research paper due and haven’t read the book yet. My other recurring dream is that I have one more semester left, I’m planning to live with Holly, but we don’t have a place to live, and I’m not sure what to do with my kids 🙂

BONUS: Random facts I thought of later…

  • I have had gray hair since I was 16, but didn’t start coloring it til my mid-20s.
  • I still have four primary molars in my mouth that don’t have permanent teeth behind them. I have never had wisdom teeth, either (silence in the peanut gallery, please).

The only other person I know who has a blog and who hasn’t been “tagged” is Gretchen.



2 thoughts on “So busy, so fun!

  1. HAPPY B-DAY, GRIFFIN! Looks like it was a great day! Jennifer: thanks for doing the dumb tag thing. I’m not a fan either–they seem too “chain letterish”. BUT, I do like learning new things about friends that you didn’t know before! :)Once again, we have so many things in common! Scary!Take care, girl!

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