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Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Never mind how old I am. Most of you know anyway. And I’m still younger than most of my friends. Our cabbie this weekend told me I looked 16…but I think he was just wanting a big tip (and I think he was a little loopy anyway – he is a “wrastlin'” manager on the side and is convinced that every football player has an earpiece to know all the plays on both sides – so every game is rigged).

But I totally digress. Why were we in a cab this weekend? I’ll tell you!

I have the most amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband in the entire world. I knew he was planning something, but I had very little idea what. He arranged for my mom to come to the house yesterday afternoon to stay with the kids, told me to pack a bag and meet him at his office. We left from there, and when we were about to exit, he told me to close my eyes and not open them until he said so. I sensed that we turned into a parking lot, and after the car stopped, he puts a book in my lap and tells me to open my eyes. It was an Ethan Allen catalog, and guess where we were?

A little background: in ’06 we received a ridiculous tax refund (mostly because Michael’s office manager was a kook and lost all kinds of money before she was fired), so we took that money and decorated our bedroom and had window treatments made for the family room and kitchen and bought an HDTV (“HD for Jesus,” as Michael says – a reference to having people over to watch sports). I worked with a decorator from our church, and she did an incredible job creating a little kids-free haven for us…but we ran out of money before we could do everything we wanted to do. The biggest thing we had to wait on was a chaise lounge (from Ethan Allen) and table for the bay window in our room and some really cool framed prints of x-ray’d tulips.

So here we are at Ethan Allen, ready to pick out the fabric for our chaise lounge! I’ll have to post a picture when it comes in (about 6 weeks). AND he ordered the table! (came from a wholesaler, not EA) I was so surprised and so excited.

Then we head over to Dallas and check in at the Hyatt downtown. Yay! We pull up and there are swarms of people in the most bizarre costumes. There were pink and purple spiky wigs everywhere, lots of striped tights and odd little props. Turns out to be the 2007 Anime Convention. Who knew!?!? I know that Anime is a style of Japanese animation, but I had no idea it has such a cult-like following! I’m hoping someone can shed light on this for me because we were astounded. It was like a Trekky convention! These people are nuts! And although there were a lot of young teenagers and college kids, we saw grown adults walking around with costumes and props and their small children!

We checked into our room and changed clothes for a nice dinner at Il Sole (and the encounter with aforementioned kooky cabbie) – really nice and we had the sweetest waitress.

We didn’t get out of bed until 11:00 a.m.! We checked out and went to lunch at Panera, then got home around 1:30. My mom and the kids had a great time together…and my mom bought the tulip prints for me! I’m formulating a scrapbook page even now with pictures of the room and titling it “My Space”!

I also celebrated my birthday on Friday morning at our first MOPS meeting for the year. We had such a great time, and I’m very excited about this year. I’m a table/group discussion leader for the second year, and I think we’re going to have a great group of gals at our table. Last year, I had a table of great women who just couldn’t seem to get to the church every other Friday! We always had like two people + me show up at any given meeting. BUT this year, most of my table is comprised of steering members, so I know they’ll be there! The new members at our table seem really sweet and very enthusiastic about being at MOPS.

I’m also excited because I was asked to write a column for each MOPS newsletter that is passed out at every meeting. I haven’t had a real writing outlet (other than this blog) in a long time. I wrote my first two articles on the plane coming home from Cleveland a few weeks ago, and just doing that was a great affirmation for me – as in, “yes, I do have a brain and a gift with the pen, and now I can actually use it!” I’m thinking about posting my articles here on this blog to share with all of my non-Northwood MOPS friends. (here is where you say, “oh, yes, Jennifer, I’d love to read it!”)

Enough for now. More later about the first week of school and Michael’s upcoming trip to Vietnam (he leaves Tuesday). Happy Labor Day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

  1. What a sweet thing your wonderful hubby did for you for your birthday! What a great way to make the day special AND memorable (even WITH the weird an… –whatever that word is– Trekkie people). You DO have a gift of writing and I can’t wait to keep up with it too!See you in a couple of weeks!April–one of the newbies at your MOPS table

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend! :)”Yes, Jennifer, I would love to read your MOPS articles.” Seriously, you know I would. We have our first MOPS meeting in 2 weeks and I am very excited to be a discussion leader again too. This year’s theme is GREAT! Love,Jen

  3. Yes, Jennifer you do have a gift of writing. As a former journalism major, and now stay at home mom, I understand the brain turning to mush thing. I’m so glad you have an outlet now through MOPS and can’t wait to read the articles.Leslie

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