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From the Corner of My Couch – Issue 1

Oooo-Oooo! (the sound of my arm being twisted)

Okaaaaayyyy…if you insist…here’s my first article for the MOPS newsletter:

A Safe Place

Welcome to a new semester of MOPS! God has some amazing things in store for you this year. If you are returning to MOPS, welcome back! And if this is your first meeting with us, you are especially loved and welcome. We are so glad you have joined us.

This column is a new addition to our MOPS newsletter, and as I was thinking about how to inspire you, encourage you, and maybe occasionally make you laugh, I thought about a precious season of my life with my best friend, Gretchen. We were living in Iowa while our husbands were working through their ophthalmology residencies, and while we didn’t see our husbands much, the two of us and our kids practically lived together. Neither of us had family within 800 miles, so we were each other’s family. While our husbands worked and our children played, we sat on the couch with our feet tucked under us and a large bowl of peanut M&Ms between us, and we talked. And talked. And talked! (Between, of course, making PB&J, wiping bottoms, washing hands, kissing boo-boos, breaking up arguments, pouring juice, changing diapers…) We talked about life, faith, motherhood, marriage, and the joys and frustrations that come with each. Some days we laughed until our stomachs hurt. Other times we shed tears of sadness or the tears that come with being completely overwhelmed. The couch was a place of safety and sisterhood for us.

And so I’ve titled this column, “From the Corner of My Couch” in hopes that my words may give you a sense of sisterly camaraderie and the extra boost you need to keep you going for the next two weeks. More than that, though, I pray that MOPS and the fabulous women you meet here will provide for you that safe place where you can be you – where you can know that you are not alone, that you are loved, where you can discover all that God wants you to be. I may even share my peanut M&Ms.


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