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Vietnam Update

I was surprised – and thrilled – this morning to have an email from Michael! They have (very slow) internet service at the hotel in Hanoi (and he’s only staying there for another two days), so he wrote a quick note to let me know they got there safely. We’re all doing OK here. Meghan had a hard time last night and really missed her Daddy – lots and lots of tears – but she seems to be better today. She talked to me tonight about how she really wants to go to Vietnam someday and play with the kids at the orphanage. (a family trip is actually in the long-term plan) We’re counting the days and taking advantage of the opportunity to pray together for Daddy and the work he’s doing.

Today was an insanely busy day – and I knew it would be. Woke at 6:15, threw in a load of wash, got the kids ready to go, dropped off Griffin at a friend’s house, took Meghan and Nathan for their bi-annual cardiology checkups, took Meghan back to school, picked up Griffin, got him to school, fed Nathan lunch and got him down for an early and short nap, woke him up to pick up M&G early from school, took all three to the pediatrician for Meghan’s ear re-check (swimmer’s ear the week before school started), home for 10 minutes, took Meghan to dance, went back home (for an hour), put Grumpy Griffin to bed, heated up leftover pizza, fed the boys, cleaned up an entire cup of spilled milk, picked up Meghan, went through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru to get dinner for Meg, took M&G straight to church, drove home, fed Nathan another piece of pizza, unloaded & loaded the dishwasher, put him to bed, welcomed M&G home (thankfully my friend, Patti, brought them home!), fed them AGAIN, bathed them both, read stories, said prayers, sang songs, talked to Meghan, kissed them good-night. Now I have a basket of laundry to fold. (Maybe tomorrow.)

That was one heckuva run-on sentence!!!

A short explanatory footnote, in case you’re wondering… Meghan and Nathan both have a PDA (patent ductus arteriosis) and a heart murmur. One more of the many ways they are alike! They’ve had these since they were newborns, and it’s nothing we’ve ever worried about. We just have to have it checked every couple of years. Nathan’s PDA has actually closed, but he still has the “innocent” murmur. Meghan’s PDA is very small, and she still has the “innocent” murmur. They did an EKG and an echo on both kids. Loooong appointment.

So it was a crazy day, just as I knew it would be. But it’s over, and I am thankful. God always gives us exactly the measure of strength we need to complete what He sets before us.

Now I’m going to get my pj’s on and curl up in bed with a bowl of ice cream and a DVD. Tomorrow will be much easier!


One thought on “Vietnam Update

  1. CRAZY BUSY!!!!!Thanks for the explanation about the kids’ hearts because when I read about you taking them to the cardiologist at the top I was wondering. Grace had an innocent murmur, but it was gone at her one year check-up, thank goodness. It was sad and scary when we took her to Children’s Hospital to have it checked out the first time and didn’t know how serious it was. There were so many sick kids and sad parents there. Glad Michael is doing well in Vietnam.TAKE CARE!

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