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From the Corner of my Couch – issue 2


I’m one of the many who can say that MOPS has changed my life, but one of the most profound changes came from an essay I read in the May/June 2007 issue of MomSense magazine (the MOPS publication – you can read it at http://www.christianitytoday.com/momsense/2007/003/4.9.html). I have it hanging on my refrigerator. Ocieanna Fleiss wrote about an encounter she had with a spunky little barista at Starbucks, which led her to declare daily, “I’M AMAZING!”

So I tried it. When I am overwhelmed with an impossible motherly task (like getting three kids, a stroller, three backpacks and a camera bag through airport security by myself), I tell myself – no, I remind myself – that I Am Amazing. I can do more than I ever thought I could simply because my name is Mommy. As our SistaMom Ocieanna wrote,

I’m a runny-nose wiper, boo-boo kisser, teardrop-blotter, mac-and-cheese cooker, dolly-fixer, jammie- zipper, Lego-picker-upper and on and on and on.

But more importantly, it’s my job to mold young characters. I strive to train my wee ones to be kind, polite and responsible and to trust God. I attempt to build their confidence by loving them. I snuggle on the sofa reading “Guess How Much I Love You” one more time. I shower them with “Great jobs!” and “You did its!” I kneel on the carpet constructing block castles for Cinderella and bat caves for caped crusaders. After every exhausting day, I hold my children in my arms and send up prayers, then kiss them good night … night after night. Sound familiar?

But some days, I don’t feel so amazing. I’m just tired. Overwhelmed. Irritable. Frustrated. Angry. Some days I lose it and scream at my kids. Some days I fantasize about going back to work just to get away from the little monsters. (As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on an airplane with my three kids – no husband – and my six year old just threw up. Sigh.) No, I’m not amazing. I am Big Loser Mom who needs a weekend at the spa. Or at least a nap.

But you know what? These little monsters are a gift. They were lovingly created by God for His purposes, and He has entrusted me with them to love them and show them who He is and equip them to discover His purpose for each of them. (Sometimes I wonder if God overestimated me.) But whenever God gives us a task, He always gives us what we need to accomplish it. Doing otherwise would make no sense. So He makes me amazing. He gives me what I need to love my kids and my husband and my home and take care of them every day. He allows me to sing from the deepest corner of my soul, “You raise me up to more than I can be…”

I challenge you to try this. Throughout your day, remind yourself, “I AM AMAZING” – when you are overwhelmed and when you have just accomplished the impossible. You ARE amazing – believe it!


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