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Music in every room

I know I’ve been a blogging slacker lately. 13 days with nothing posted. I’ve been busy with my bon-bons. Honestly, I’m not sure how my friend, Randi, can post every day – and she has four kids, including 1 year old twins!

Life has been full since Michael came home. We are so excited to have him back! I promise I’ll post a handful of his 290 pictures soon.

The day he came home, we went straight to Griffin’s soccer game, then home for a short rest before celebrating Libby Packwood‘s third birthday. For those of you who know her story, you know that it is nothing less than God’s miracle that she is here to celebrate her third birthday. (If you don’t know her story, click on the link above and enter “LibbyP” for the carepage name.) Even though Michael’s eyes were completely glazed over from exhaustion, we couldn’t miss this very special celebration!

Libby is having her third major heart surgery on October 3 in Houston. Please remember to pray for her and her sweet mom and dad, Gracie and Eric.

Back at home, karaoke is king. All three of our kids know every word to every song of both High School Musical movies. Is this a good thing? They got the soundtrack CD for HSM 2 this summer, and they play it DAILY. I finally got so tired of hearing these songs that I bought them the soundtrack to the first movie (which happened to come with a karaoke CD) for the sake of variety. I suddenly feel the need to apologize to my parents for my New Kids on the Block phase.

But even if these songs are annoyingly pounding in my head as I’m trying to go to sleep, watching the kids dance and sing is pretty funny, especially Nathan! “SOW-WIN! FWY-IN! Deh’s not a ‘tah in heaven dat we can’t weech!” (that’s only funny to those of you with older kids who know the movie)

And, YES! Nathan is finally showing interest in the potty! Bringing out the musical potty definitely helped. When we were in Cleveland this summer, Gretchen taught him to sit backwards on the big potty (to minimize leakage on to the floor – smart woman!), and Nathan has carried that over to the little training potty. It’s so cute that I don’t have the heart to tell him that he needs to turn around! I’m not quite ready to go full-throttle and officially start the full-time potty training, but we’re getting there. Diapers just aren’t that bad! (but potty training IS!)


2 thoughts on “Music in every room

  1. It’s because I have serious blog addiction issues. I used to think of life in terms of scrapbook layouts … now it’s a blog life. Yay, so glad to get a Hunt update … I almost emailed today to harass you! 🙂 Amazing to see Libby and know that she’s three. God is good!

  2. HA!!!! The comment above made me laugh! I TOTALLY think of life in blog posts now…so scary! I haven’t scrapped in a couple months…I love all of your pictures, Jennifer! You always seem to capture the mood and feeling of the moment. 🙂

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