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Q: What did Michael say when I asked him how the game was?

Boy, it pays to have friends who have patients who have parents in high places! Michael’s partner, Alan, treated the child of some Dallas gazillionaire, who in turn gave him four tickets to the Maverick’s pre-season game against the Bulls. They didn’t realize until they got to the AAC that the tickets were ON THE FLOOR TWO SEATS DOWN FROM THE BENCH!!! Any of you who know my husband can only imagine how incredibly thrilling this was for him. It was probably the highlight of his year. He chatted it up with a couple of the ESPN radio announcers, high-fived all the players, and shook Avery’s hand…not to mention getting some AWESOME pictures. All that after parking in VIP Gold under the AAC and enjoying the spread in the VIP lounge. When the Mavs Dancers were throwing t-shirts, he was yelling, “We’re really not rich! We were comp’d these tickets!”…but he still didn’t get a shirt.

At one point, he looked at his ticket and commented to Alan, “Wow – 250 bucks!” to which Alan replied, “No, dude. You missed a zero.” That’s right: twenty-five hundred dollars for one ticket!! Can you imagine?!? It’s not how the “other half” lives – it’s the other 0.00001% live!

Joel, Matt, Phil…jealous yet? 🙂


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