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Cute Spooks

My sweet little goblins! Griffin is Troy (from “High School Musical”), Nathan is Curious George (appropriate) and Meghan is Hermione (from “Harry Potter” – one of my more ultra-conservative friends looked horrified when I told her what Meghan was dressing up as. Whatever.)

Such fun! When they got home, they took over the candy-passing-out duties!

And, yes! Meghan has new glasses! We picked them up this afternoon. She is really excited to have them finally. On the way home, she kept saying, “OH! I can read that sign!” and “OH! I can see that!”

Events leading up to Halloween:
(I know…I’m way behind, but it’s been a crazy week. Again.)

Pumpkin Patch
We ventured out with MOPS to a local pumpkin patch…which was quite an adventure. It was pretty crowded, but thankfully the place has wagons to borrow, so I could at least keep sight of Nathan – most of the time, anyway. Ugh. Chasing three kids keeps me skinny! But we found a great pumpkin to take home and got some cute pictures.

Carving a pumpkin with the Dad-a-roo
I was gone on a scrapbooking retreat all weekend, and Michael took over kid duty…and what a dad he is!! They did the whole pumpkin thing and had a blast.

Check this out…have you ever seen anything like it? Some of the pumpkin seeds had sprouted.

Speaking of which, remember my go-plant-pumpkin-seeds story? GUESS WHAT IS GROWING IN OUR FLOWER BEDS?!?!


3 thoughts on “Cute Spooks

  1. First of all, OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You AREN’T growing pumpkins in your flower beds?!?!?! WOW! I can’t believe it worked! :)Second of all, your kids are so adorable! I love the pumpkin patch pic of the 3 of them and it is so appropriate for Meghan to be Hermoine since she is such a smart girl! I LOVE Harry Potter! BTW, did you hear that J.K. Rowling said that Dumbledore is GAY!!!! That really makes me mad! Anyway, cute pics and updates!:)Jen

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