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I’m goin’ home to the place where I belong…


We left early Saturday morning and drove south to Waco for the day. What fun! The campus looks so different from when we were students, but familiar enough that we still have very vivid memories of being there…which is a little surreal when we’re driving around with our minivan and three kids.

This is the new (to us) science building. It is stunning! Meghan was THRILLED to discover that there is an entire building just for science classes!!! Then we went to the new (to us) student rec building. Meghan took one look around and declared, “I am SO going to Baylor!”

The kids were all over the parade. Can you tell?!? Their pockets were stuffed with candy.

Nathan is ready to be a Bear! He has his backpack and his green & gold! (BTW, how great is it that he can now carry his own diaper bag?! Who needs potty training?)

We did actually see some friends, but we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures! (boooo…hissss! Bad scrapbooker!)

I was talking my friend, Laura – she and I both went to Baylor for two years then transferred to A&M and were roommates there for one year, and we both dated/married our guys from Baylor – and both of us agreed that while we had a great time at A&M and we don’t regret our decisions to go there, neither of us feels any kind of loyalty for our alma mater nor any desire to go back to visit. Most of our college friends are Baylor friends, so somehow Baylor is our “adopted” alma mater. (For which Michael is thankful. WHOOP! So there!)

Michale also noted that this Homecoming marks 15 years that we have been “together” – we went to Homecoming 1992 together and started officially dating after that. The rest is history!


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