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Let the Games Begin!

On your mark…get set…GO! The Thanksgiving school parties mark the official start to the holiday season, and as I have said before, I am determined for this year to be different (i.e., enjoyable!). Griffin’s kindergarten program was complete with Indian costumes and Pilgrim costumes and songs about turkey. They all enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast afterward, thanks to all the moms who sent mashed potatoes and juice boxes to school. The kids even did some cooking in class the day before. Ya gotta love kindergarten!

Griffin and Ms. Rhodes… she is AWESOME!

Griffin even had a “speaking part” in their program: “We are thankful for all you do for uth.”

…followed by Nathan’s preschool Thanksgiving feast. I only had to send two cans of corn and then show up to eat! It was in the morning, so Griffin tagged along with me.

I seem to remember this happening before with one of the other kids… right before Griffin and I left, Nathan announced to me, “I’m stinky,” to which I promptly replied, “Go tell Miss Jennifer” (his teacher) because I am off the clock! Is that bad?!?

Thanksgiving time is also School Fund Raiser time! But this year, instead of selling popcorn or wrapping paper or other kitschy, useless items, the school hosted a Fun Run. The kids asked for pledges-per-lap, then the whole school came out and ran for 30 minutes! It was so great. No tacky catalogs, no bugging people to buy overpriced items they don’t need (which usually means the catalog stays under a pile of paper until the day it has to be turned in, then I order $20-$30 worth of stuff so we don’t completely diss the PTA)…and the kids get exercise! I loved this fund raiser, and they did, too. The group that hosted it came to the school every day and talked about character (respect, encouragement, attitude, helping, etc.) and got them all pumped up to get pledges and earn prizes. Did I mention that I LOVE this fund raiser?!?

Meghan ran 23 laps and Griffin ran 35. Meghan insists that the kindergarten track was smaller… but she’s my competitive one. It wouldn’t do to have baby brother outrun her!

So there ya have it. We’re off and running (literally!) to Christmas. My shopping is 99.9% done, and I already have truffles in the freezer! Fa la la la la!


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