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I think it’s true what they say: beyond your 20s, your friends become your family. Not that we’re forgetting our biological families, but those closest to us – the ones we depend on, the ones with whom we share life – tend to be our community of friends.

We had 35 of our closest friends over to our house this afternoon for lunch! These are the families on our “team” from church, and they truly are family to us. (Note of clarification: our church labels their small groups “teams” because a study showed that if you tell men they have to go to a “small group,” they don’t want to go because they think they’ll have to share their feeeeeelings…but call it a “team” and they think sports. Go figure!)

I don’t at all take them for granted because for the first two years after we moved, I was very lonely – and didn’t even know it. We haven’t had a group of friends like this in years – if ever.

We have been together for a little over a year, and we have been through a lot. These are truly the friends that will care for each other’s kids without a second thought, provide meals, sit with you in a hospital room, pray fervently for you, share their deepest secrets and weaknesses, make your stomach ache from laughing, challenge you to greater depths in your love for Jesus. We love these guys so much, and we were privileged and oh so thankful to have them all together (minus one family and one sick 3 year old, plus Sherman and Becky visiting from the Glocal Ventures office in Vietnam) in our home this afternoon.

We all need friends. We need community. We weren’t meant to be alone. Thank you, God, for such precious friends.


3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Wow – that’s quite the house full! Looks like fun and what a blessing that you all have each other. And I’m peeking beyond the people to see what new things you’ve done to your house … love the kitchen valances! 🙂

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