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Visit with Santa and other random musings

How can I not just love this boy?!? My quote for 2007 is “everyone should have a third child” because we enjoy Nathan so much. When he was a newborn, I used to just hold him and smell his sweet little head. I didn’t even mind getting up in the middle of the night to nurse him because it was such precious, quiet time with him alone, and I knew it would be gone before I blinked. And now that he’s almost three years old, I still enjoy him so much! He is so funny and smart and happy… and when he throws a tantrum, I can just look at him and say, “Are you done yet?”

My theory is that with the firstborn, you’re completely overwhelmed and totally clueless, with the second born, you’re trying to learn how to take care of more than one child at the same time – which is harder than I ever thought it would be – but by the time the third one comes along, you’ve got it down, so you can just sit back and enjoy every short-lived stage of their sweet little lives. Everyone should have a third child.

But that’s not my point for this post. We went to the Cook Children’s Hospital party for staff and families last night, which is always a blast. They set up a kids’ buffet and a grown-up buffet, plus a yummy dessert table, and have a Christmas movie playing for the kids to watch while they eat their dinner and the moms and dads sit and talk relatively uninterrupted at their own tables. This was the first year we have gone to this party without a stroller! We walked up the stairs instead of taking the elevator because we could! Then Santa comes in and all the kids line up to sit on his lap, take a picture, and get a souvenir teddy bear with the Cook’s logo. My kids wouldn’t miss it for the world.

As we were eating last night, I said, “Is this food just so much better than last year,” (it was) “or am I just really hungry” (I was) “or was I just in a really bad mood last year?” (I was!) Last year was par for the course as far as 2006 holiday celebrations go. Not only was I in a general bad mood for an entire month, but we got lost on our way there and drove around for 20 minutes. Not good for the already bad mood. But THIS year, we have “Ginger” the GPS! She tells us exactly where to go. I love Ginger. Ginger was the one good thing that came from Christmas 2006.

Ho! Ho! Ho! I love Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Visit with Santa and other random musings

  1. That looked like a lot of fun. I love the way Nathan’s looking at Santa like they’re just the best of friends! You’re right – everyone should have a third (and a fourth?)! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Christmas season.

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