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Twelve years ago on this night, we said – most enthusiastically – “I DO!” In some ways it is hard to believe it’s been that long, but neither of us can imagine life otherwise. I truly have the most amazing, most thoughtful, most giving, most loving, most in-love husband on the planet! I am so thankful for who he is and that he chose me.

Michael is always coming up with fun surprises. He knows how much I love them! So we pawned off the kids on my parents for the night and got in the car. I had no clue where he was taking me. (I love that!) As we passed all the restaurants on Hwy. 114, it occurred to me that he just might be taking me to the Gaylord Texan. I’m so smart! We had a deee-licious meal at the Old Hickory Steakhouse there (lobster bisque was good – but a little too salty, steak was OK, but the asparagus and creme brulee were out of this world!). After dinner we walked over to the convention center part of the hotel and went through the ICE! exhibit. It was incredible! There were three or four rooms filled with these huge, intricately detailed ice sculptures – one room was a huge, life-sized nativity scene, including an enormous angel. They give you a lovely gold parka to wear before you go in (I was carefully choosing not to think about how many hundreds of germy people had worn this parka and how many times it had not been cleaned…but it was handy since the rooms are kept at NINE DEGREES! Reminded us of Iowa, minus the wind!), and Michael thought ahead to bring gloves and scarves, too.

The only disappointment was that my incredibly thoughtful husband did not think to bring our camera. He took a few pictures with his phone, but they didn’t turn out very well. We had a picture taken in front of a green screen (above), which he didn’t hesitate to shell out sixteen bucks for in an attempt to pacify his pouting wife.

We went home (to our empty house! woo-hoo!) and snuggled up together in front of a blazing fire in our cozy matching Christmas pajamas. Aren’t we just so cute that you want to vomit? He then brought out my gifts – twelve thoughtfully chosen gifts, each with a poem (perfectly rhyming!) on a notecard, and each gift coinciding with a number. For example, for year 6, he gave me the sixth season DVD of “Friends” (one of our favorite things to do together is take the portable DVD player in bed and watch an episode together). Year 11 was a carton of eggs, minus one. Year 5 was the 5 for $25 Bath & Body Works lotion and shower gel. Year 3 was a gift certificate for three 1/2-hour shoulder and neck massages (need it!). Year 1 (my favorite) was a silver cross, representing the ONE thing that holds our marriage together. The whole thing was wonderfully thoughtful and creative! I’m still amazed that he still has it in him after all these years. After all, we’re old and tired. We did these kinds of things all the time while we were dating, but I have a hard time these days coming up with the mental energy to be so creative. Michael seems to have a never-ending supply of creativity!

And almost as good: since the kids spent the night at my parents’ house, we got to sleep in until TEN O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!

I LOOOOOVE YOU, sweetie! Thank you for such a beautiful, fun, memorable evening together, and thank you for twelve incredible years of togetherness with the man of my dreams!


2 thoughts on “Twelve

  1. How fun … and happy anniversary! Your anniversary really throws me off, falling right after Christmas … I didn’t mail the card, did I? Michael gets the creativity award – wow! You’re blessed. Wishing you many more great years together.

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