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Why Nathan Needs To Drop His Nap

This is how we found Nathan at 11:30 p.m. last night – light on, stinky diaper and pajamas on the floor, book open next to him. Sound asleep.

The little stinker (ahem, literally!) is just like his big sister. If he doesn’t nap, he’s a bear by dinnertime; if he does nap, he can’t go to sleep at bedtime, so he gets up, turns on the light, and plays or reads. Before the holidays, we resorted to turning the doorknob around and locking him in his room, which does keep him in his room, but doesn’t get him to go to sleep. At least when he’s locked in his room, the other kids can go to sleep because he’s prevented from pestering them ’til all hours, and his weary mom and dad don’t have to keep running up and down the stairs putting him back in his room…but that doesn’t solve the problem of getting this little toot to go to sleep! (Before turning the doorknob around, we tried putting a childproof doorknob cover on the inside of the door. He ripped it off.)

And how, you may ask, does a two year old turn on the light? One time, I walked into the room during (supposed) naptime, and he was standing on the toybox, which was next to the dresser, to turn on the lamp, which was on top of the dresser. I put him back in bed, moved the toybox across the room, turned off the lamp, and left. Not three minutes later, I hear loud noises coming from behind the door. I walk back in, and Nathan is pushing the toybox across the room to get back to the lamp. The lamp has since retired to the top of the closet. Now he is daily finding new ways to reach the light switch. He finds anything he can to stand on – a basket turned upside down, a large toy car, the toybox – to get himself up there. At least he’s innovative.

The other problem that has recently arisen – again – is convincing him to not take off a dirty diaper. He has zero interest in pooping on the potty, but he sure doesn’t like wearing it. Which returns me to the solution I reached when Meghan had the same problem: duct tape. I have convinced myself that duct-taping his diaper does not, in fact, constitute child abuse. (Duct-taping him to the bed, however tempting that may be, probably would.) And duct tape is the ONLY thing that keeps a diaper on his hiney and not on the floor.

By the way, I used to be really smart and capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation. Now I talk about naps and poop and duct tape.


5 thoughts on “Why Nathan Needs To Drop His Nap

  1. This whole post just CRACKED ME UP! It is funny that Nathan seems so similar to the way Meghan was at that age too.Sorry that I don’t have any advice for you since Grace is younger than Nathan, but I’m sure I’ll be needing some from you once you get past this stage and I’m in the midst of it. Best of luck figuring it all out. :)Love,Jen

  2. HAHAHA!!!! I have dealt with this with Maci who is also 2 – except, she is an artist with her self-made “play-doh”!! There is no smell worse than the smell of torn apart poop! She has no interest in the potty either but she doesn’t like having a dirty diaper on at all . . .BTW – I am still trying to figure out how to set up my blog spot – I think I need a computer science degree . . .diana:)

  3. This too shall pass! 🙂 Afterall, Meghan doesn’t do this anymore. Someday, very soon, Nathan WILL NOT wear diapers anymore and then you will not have to follow him around and find them anymore! Would he decide to use the potty if there were a really good prize at the end? Remember Alexandra’s “potty party”?! Good luck! Glad I’m done with potty training, but I’m here for you!

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