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Star speller!

Meghan represented her class in the all-school spelling bee this morning. She was AWESOME…and won 2nd place!

I had forgotten about the drama of a spelling bee. Meghan actually misspelled a couple of words in earlier rounds, but because all the kids misspelled their words and there weren’t two left at the end of the round, they had to repeat several rounds – so she got several second chances!

In the end, it was down to Meghan and her friend, Taylor, who she has known since kindergarten. The two of them went at least three or four rounds before Meghan missed “samurai” (spell-check got ME on that one!) and Taylor spelled “juggernaut” correctly.

Being a perfectionist and highly competitive – not to mention a “pleaser” – Meghan was really, really upset. I felt so bad for her, even though I’m outrageously proud of her! She kept saying, “I feel like I’ve let everyone down.” (there was even a kid who was placing a bet that she would win! No pressure.) No matter how much I gushed over her, she still didn’t feel any better. We saw her classmates as we were leaving the cafeteria (the students watched the competition from their classrooms on the TV – only the parents were in the cafeteria), and they were all high-fiving her and congratulating her, and her sweet teacher, Mrs. Whitehead, gave her a huge hug and gushed over her some more. I think that made Meghan feel a little bit better – she at least smiled – but started crying again as we were walking back to her classroom. Hopefully she will feel better as the day (and weekend) go on. She will get to attend the area bee with Taylor and take her place if Taylor can’t compete.

So proud after spelling “prosaic” correctly!

All the competitors
Meghan was trying so hard to smile, but her heart just wasn’t in it.

Meghan and Taylor

Meghan and sweet Mrs. Whitehead

Here’s the list of her words – how would you do?

(Meghan spelled this one “mumu,” which I later found out is actually correct, but the dictionary they used had the first spelling)
Taylor won with “juggernaut”


ADDENDUM: I was talking with some of the other moms and teachers, and we all remembered the word we missed that eliminated us from our own spelling bees when we were kids. Mine was “quietus.” Mrs. Whitehead’s was “altruism.”

Do you have one? Amazing how that is burned into our brains!


4 thoughts on “Star speller!

  1. Meghan, you rock! We are all so proud of you!!! When I told Alex you got 2nd place out of your WHOLE school, she screamed and clapped for you! We love you!!!

  2. Meghan,GREAT JOB!!!!!! :)Matt never took phonics in school so he is a horrible speller and if he ever comes upon a word while reading, he has no idea how to ‘sound it out’. I do ok in spelling, but I was never in a spelling bee, so WAY TO GO!!!!!! YOU ROCK, GIRL!Love,Matt, Jen, and Grace Honeycutt

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