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Best (times infinity) Friends

We had the best weekend! Gretchen and Alexandra flew in from Cleveland on Thursday night for a very special “girls’ weekend.” After our visit there last summer, we decided that our next visit should be girls-only. Gretchen learned from me that travel alone with three kids is not a good idea, so she just brought one.

Meghan and Alex have been best friends since they were two years old and both of our families were living in Iowa while Michael and BJ went through ophthalmology training. (Here is a great history.) The girls went through a rough patch about age three, but they got it out of their systems and have been “best best best best best friends” since then. (They decided that there just aren’t enough “bests” to describe how they feel, so they now say “best times infinity.”)

It’s a little odd, really. Gretchen and I have talked about this many times. Neither of us remembers ever having such a close friend at such a young age. They’re not even friends – they’re more like twin souls. They accept each other completely and love each other absolutely unconditionally. One afternoon I heard one of them say, “You’re being a little bossy,” and the other replied, “Oh, sorry.” …and they went on from there. Had that happened with any other friend, there would have been tears and hurt feelings and anger. But not these two. They are indeed twin souls.

And of course, they are furious with us for living 2000 miles apart. The latest plans are to go to college together, then have a house together where they will live…with their husbands. 🙂 (I can just picture this now…”Yes, of course I will marry you, but there’s something you need to know…”)

Anyway, we had a great weekend together. The two girls and two moms checked into a hotel on Friday night, then we spent all day Saturday at the Galleria, then went to the Magic Time Machine for dinner. The rest of the weekend, we mainly just played at home. The kids played, and Gretchen and I found our familiar spots on the couch and talked and talked and talked and talked. We had such a great time!

Here are some of the highlights:

Airport greetings – lots of huge hugs, and they picked up right where they left off last summer – just like they always do.

Swimming at the hotel

The girls watched Felicity on the portable DVD player in the bedroom while Gretchen and I watched The Nanny Diaries in the living area. By the way, we got our room at the Prava Suites through Priceline – directly across the street from the Galleria – for $75!

Notice that I closed up the boxes of Girl Scout cookies before taking a picture in order not to disclose the number of cookies we actually ate.

The Destination: The new AG store! It’s not as big or as cool as the one in Chicago, but the girls still had a great time. We weren’t able to get a reservation at the bistro because they book up 90 days in advance!

The girls ice skated for two hours while Gretchen and I watched from the sidelines (and, of course, talked and talked and talked…)

Magic Time Machine was a blast. Gretchen called it “Disney on Acid.” Snow White was our waitress, and she was a little more sassy than Walt’s version. She was, however, very sweet to the girls. We told her we were celebrating their birthdays (which we were – really – even though their birthdays are in February and April), so she brought them balloon hats to wear and called them “airheads,” and later brought two cookies with candles. She and Woody (from Toy Story) sang a lively rendition of the birthday song. The funniest part, though, was when the girls – already forewarned about what happens – had to go to the bathroom. We had seen Woody escorting some kids earlier, parading them through the restaurant yelling, “YELLOW ALERT! YELLOW ALERT! MAKE WAY!” …so when the girls told Snow that they needed to go potty, she was holding a tray of food and told them to “stand here and do the wee-wee dance, and I’ll be right back!” When she returned, she yelled something embarrassing as they were walking to the restroom, and thankfully the girls took it all as good fun.

We’ve been telling the Dupps about Woolley’s for years, and now we finally had the chance to take them there! Our “last day” tradition with them has always been (since our last night together in Iowa) making ice cream sundaes, but since only two of the five Dupps were here, I didn’t think it would be fair to do the entire sundae thing, and they had never been to Woolley’s…so there you go.

Last Christmas, we bought the girls charm bracelets from James Avery, and we’ve added charms for birthdays, our vacation together, Alex’s First Communion, Christmas…the idea is that they will each get the same charm for every special occasion. They picked out the “Two Peas in a Pod” charm for their 9th birthdays.

Aaaah, the long goodbye. We took them to the airport on Monday night. Usually there are lots of tears and long hugs, but this time, the girls were just silly. They had such a wonderful time together. We got their luggage out of the car and were about to say our good-byes, then Alex and Meghan got back into the car and buckled in and refused to get out…which was cute for the first minute or so, but then they really refused to get out! I had to tell Alex the Rule Follower that I was going to be arrested if I didn’t move my car soon, which got her out pretty quick. Then there were lots of hugs, and Alex refused to let go of Meghan! I had to pull out the “going to jail” card again to separate those two!

To sum it up, it was a GREAT WEEKEND! We love and miss those two so much. Griffin is lobbying for a daddy’s weekend, and I know that Christian and Adrianne were not so happy to be left behind. Someday when they’re older, maybe we’ll be brave enough. For now, we are just incredibly thankful for such wonderful friends!


3 thoughts on “Best (times infinity) Friends

  1. What a great weekend! You can just see the amazing bond that you all have. Love the charm bracelets. It’ll be so neat for the girls to look back in 20 years (when they’re living in separate houses, I’m sure) and remember these great childhood times.

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