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Inspiration or insanity?

Two sources of inspiration this week: My friend, Randi, blogged about simplicity, and my friend, Laura, spoke to our MOPS group on Friday about organizing your home…both of which lit the fire under my tushie to clean out our bedroom closet. I paid each of the kids $1 to help me take out everything but clothes and shoes so I could sort through it all.

I think I’ve lost my mind.

The irony is that we got our first draft of our new house plans on Friday afternoon, and it includes several large walk-in closets. I’m thinking – ditch the large closets, save the square footage, and just get rid of all the junk! We dragged out things from our closet that should have never, ever been there in the first place. But it feels so good to get rid of all we don’t need! (And, yes, Gretchen – if you look closely, you will see the glow-in-the-dark Winnie the Pooh pajamas that are finally leaving my house and taking all the baaaad Christmas morning memories with them!)

Maybe next week, we’ll tackle the clothes and shoes, then the under-the-stairs closet. Good-bye, worthless junk. Hello, clean & simple!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration or insanity?

  1. I love it!!! You’ve had that on you list and you did it!! Yay you!! My cleaning lady came today so of course MY closet is a disaster!!! (I realized that the door was open to the closet when she was in the bathroom cleaning. How embarassing…she saw my hiding place!) I CAN DO IT!!! I WILL ONCE AND FOR ALL GET RID OF THE JUNK! Funny, I was getting ready to make a list of all of those secret hiding places to clean out. Oh, I did finish cleaning out my laundry room closet today! Yay me! Let’s keep each other posted as to our progress. (Yes, make your master closet smaller on your house plans…it looked HUGE! It is scary how much stuff you could hide in there!)Gretch

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