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Now that I’ve gotten the bleach off my hands (see post below), I have to say a big thanks to all of you who answered my “roll-call”! I was amazingly blessed by all of your kind words. I’m so glad you like my blog. It’s a really fun outlet for me, and it’s a good reminder that I still have a functioning brain 🙂

And do I not have the most incredible husband in the entire world?!? I know you may not believe me (if you know Michael, you will), but he tells me such sweet things on a daily basis. I’m not sure how he picked me! (There was a whole passel of angry moms of eligible daughters in Paris on the day we were married…) I’m so thankful for him. He truly shows me a glimpse of God’s own love and affection for me.

I have to echo Courtney’s comment to “Anonymous 1:18” – come out and play! Your comment made my day. Seriously.

To Aimee – what’s up girlfriend?!?! I am ECSTACTIC to hear from you! Please stick around, and email me with an update on the last 15 years!

Hi Meredith! I do remember you! My dad mentions your mom often. Weren’t you in the same Disciple Now group with Courtney and Shawna and Andrea and all those girls that Tiffani and I led when you were in 7th grade?

So again, thanks everyone. You gave me the juice to keep going, keep writing, keep hoping to inspire and entertain. Please feel free to comment more often!

Much love and appreciation,


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