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Birthday Party #1

We had a VERY busy weekend!

1st stop: Nathan’s birthday party. 10 a.m. Our house.

We had several friends – plus Uncle Madison and Alana – come over for a Backyardigans bash, and it was so fun! The weather was gorgeous for February, so the kids played outside a lot. We did throw in a couple of games, including “Pin the Bow Tie on Pablo.” Nathan went first – we blindfolded him, gave him the sticker, and he put it on. When we took off the blindfold, he went ballistic because it was not in the proper place! Great – one more family member with that lovely perfectionist quality to him (hint: Griffin and I do not share that quality…most of the time!)

He got lots of fun gifts, but the cutest were two dress-up costumes – a doctor and a pirate. He wore both for the rest of the day!

The cake has a story, too. I’ll try to give you the short version. Couldn’t find a Backyardigans cake. Bought a Costco cake (which are always VERY yummy) and stuck on the figures from a centerpiece I had bought. Later found a Backyardigans cake at Albertson’s. Oh well. (I truly envy my friends like Randi who always make their kids’ birthday cakes and they turn out so beautifully. I’m just not there – though I used to be there – but these days, the grocery store bakery is just so much more convenient!)


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