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Another successful Portrait Innovations session

Nathan and I went yesterday to have his 3 year old portraits taken (never mind that I haven’t had pictures taken of him since Easter last year!) We always have a great experience there. Love them. Nathan was his usual hammy little self, which always makes for great pictures.

The photographer was trying to get him to hold up three fingers… but it looks like a Sic ‘Em Bears to me! (bonus that he has his preppy green & white shirt on with his khaki pants – he’s ready to head to Waco, y’think?)

I laughed so hard when I saw these pictures. Do you remember the old Sesame Street sketches with Lily Tomlin sitting in the big chair?!?


2 thoughts on “Another successful Portrait Innovations session

  1. Hi Jennifer – Jsut stopping by to catch up with you! I love Nathan’s picture (and your description of the 3rd kid) and the Daddy/Daughters too! Waah! Happy Birthay to Nathan, and much love to you!Catherine

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