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Middle-of-the-Night Ramblings

It’s 3:45 a.m., and I’ve been awake for at least an hour. I blame it on the fact that Michael is on-call this weekend, and his phone rang no less than 4 times after we turned off the light. Which is fine – this is his job and this is what he does – though I better not find out that it was another case of emergency pink eye. That would really hack me off. But this is what I signed up for…no, actually that is a total lie. I had NO IDEA what I was signing up for when we got married, and to be fair, neither did he! When Michael was in training, he wore an actual pager, and I used to make him turn it on vibrate and clip it to his boxer shorts (ummmm…that sounded a lot better in my head) because “you are on-call. I am not on-call.” But now he just has his cell phone, and it rings very loudly. But at least he’s still at home right now and not at the hospital. Some of my favorite words to overhear are “let me give you our office number, and someone will be there as early as 7:30 on Monday morning…”

But it wasn’t his phone that woke me up. I was having a really weird dream about a birthday party where all the kids were supposed to dig into the cake and get messy, but all the kids were using forks (except, of course, for mine), and then a lady started screaming at her husband for missing the party and not being there to videotape it, which is when everyone abruptly started leaving, and as I was looking for my camera, I stopped to chat with my grandfather (who died when I was eight), which is the only part of this dream that makes sense because lately I have really been missing him and grieving the fact that I never got to know him.

Wow. That was a long sentence. Which brings me to my original point of getting up in the middle of the night to blog.

by your friendly neighborhood anal-retentive English major and member of the Grammar Police

Rule #1: If you hold something tightly in your hand and then let it go, you are loosing it, and then you may possibly lose – or misplace – it. If several members of your staff are leaving, you are losing them (unless, of course, it is your fault that they are leaving, then perhaps you could honestly say that you are loosing them).

Rule #2: Commas are used for separating a series of words, connecting two complete sentences connected by a conjunction (and, but, or), or separating a prepositional phrase. (I’m sure there’s a more specific rule about phrases, but I’d have to turn on the light and find my “Writer’s Reference to Grammar Usage” and then I’d wake up Michael and have to stop typing…so just trust me on this one.) Commas are not stuck randomly in the middle of sentences to break up the sentence in a place where you would take a breath.

Rule #3: Apostrophes are used for contractions (smashing two words together and taking out a letter or two) and to show possession. To say, “We are inviting the Hunt’s over for dinner” is incorrect… although after this post, I don’t think we’re going to be invited anywhere for a while.

In another random note, potty training has been going very well. He’s had a few small “accidents” where he will start to pee-pee in his pants, then stop, tell us he has to go, and finish up in the potty – which is great news and totally our goal for this weekend. Well, almost. He still hasn’t pooped in the potty. No, he saved that for the Pull-Up at naptime. BTW, for those of you years away from potty training and terrified at the thought (Miss Courtney), here’s a good tip: Go straight to underwear and only use Pull-Ups for naps, nighttime, and the occasional long car trip or plane ride. Those kiddos are smart, and they know that Pull-Ups are really just diapers in disguise (and if you wait until they are 3 years old to start potty training, they will actually tell you, “that is a diaper!”) Putting your kid in Pull-Ups during the day will only prolong the agony of potty training.

It’s now 4:04 a.m. – surely I can go to sleep now after getting all of that off my chest.


4 thoughts on “Middle-of-the-Night Ramblings

  1. Wow, do you cringe reading some of my posts? I know I’m a comma junkie … I insert them at random. I even go back and delete some, but probably not enough. πŸ™‚ And are you sure on #3? How would you say that you were inviting your family over for dinner if you can’t say Hunt’s? Help me out.

  2. You know – I just (by the way did the hyphen make you cringe?) – I just get around the whole Hunt’s / Hunts thing and just invite “The Hunt Family”~ (LOL!) Diana

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