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Potty Training: The Saga Continues

I had forgotten how utterly exhausting potty training can be. I remembered enough to keep him in diapers past his 3rd birthday! Overall, I suppose it has gone pretty well, up until today. Here’s today’s tally:

3 pairs wet underwear
2 pairs “dirty” underwear
2 wet socks
2 pairs wet pants
1 section of wet carpet
1 pair of underwear so dirty that I just threw it away. Poor Lightning McQueen.

And still no poopage. At least not in the proper receptacle. Jeez, how hard can it be?!?!? He sat on the potty TWICE today for at least 30 minutes. Nothin’. I even tried bribery with his favorite TV show. Nope. I was getting really irritated. He seemed to be having a great time…

No, you can’t get off until you poop.

“Look, Mommy – I’m a turtle!”

The step stool was a fun toy.

(Gggggrrrrr….just poop already!)

Now I remember why I said “diapers just aren’t that bad!” I’m so tempted to just give up, but this is the third time I’ve done this. I know he will get it…eventually. He will not win! I will be victorious!!!


6 thoughts on “Potty Training: The Saga Continues

  1. You MUST win the potty war! Just think of all the other wars you can’t even face without winning the potty war! Never fear, poop in the potty is last thing. I had to bribe Sam with a Power Ranger (an off limits toy in my house) to get him to give it up, so to speak.Hang in there!www.organizedmomma.com/blog

  2. Once your little man is completely trained I need ALL of your advice. We hope to tackle potty training this summer with Grace…YIKES!Love,JenP.S. I have heard setting the timer for every 5 minutes (or whatever time works for you) and then making them sit every time the timer goes off is a good strategy????

  3. Me again.Well, this evening, we were visiting a friend’s home when I had to use 1/2 a box of wipes to clean up my son’s poop accident! Apparently, he was having too much fun outside to come in to potty. Just thought I would share so you would know you aren’t alone. :)I guess I haven’t won completely….

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