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Post-Primary Thoughts

I haven’t posted anything for over a week because there just hasn’t been too much that has inspired me to write. I mean, how much can I really say about potty training? (still no poop) But this morning, I am inspired.

Yesterday, Texas held its primary and caucuses, and thousands of D/FW voters turned out to participate. THOUSANDS. In a primary! For a caucus! There were lines of people stretching all the way around buildings, voters parking a half-mile away from the polling place and walking the distance in order to participate. I saw a story in the paper this morning about a woman in Houston who had been in labor for two hours, but stopped to vote on her way to the hospital.

There have been a lot of complaints about the disorganization of it all, and how polling places were ill-prepared for the large numbers – but I’m looking at the half-full part of the glass. Americans are motivated. They are inspired. They are darn ready for a change. And they are voting. How many elections – especially primaries – have been marked by an embarrassingly low voter turnout? People around the world are literally dying in order to have the freedom to elect their own leaders. That is, in fact, our own heritage. So I am starting this day with a new sense of pride in my country and its citizens. We care about our future, and we are taking our right – and privilege – to vote seriously.

No matter what your candidate preference, thank God today for the freedom we have and for the proud citizens who choose to exercise it!


3 thoughts on “Post-Primary Thoughts

  1. Not to be a glass half empty person(I’m usually very optimistic), but isn’t it ironic that I heard on the news today that it’s likely that neither Obama or Clinton will get enough delegates so they will have a brokered convention and the super delegates may actually decide the nomination? The irony is that, like you wrote, people are turning out in record numbers to vote, but in the end, the popular vote may not be the deciding factor for the nomination.But I’m still proud to be an American. Your hubby

  2. Way to rain on my parade, darling husband. Way to pooh-pooh my optimism. (You should take what you can get with me!) I’m trying to have a moment here.

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