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Snow day!

I love snow in Texas…mainly because I know it will be gone tomorrow. I swear I’m still scarred from the four winters we spent in Iowa. By the end of our time there, I would get seriously depressed every time it snowed. Snow in the Midwest starts in December and doesn’t leave until April.

I heard one of the Fox newscasters actually use the words, “blizzard conditions” and “treacherous.” Are you kidding me?!?! Yes, we got a couple of inches of snow, but that does not qualify it as a blizzard, for crying out loud. Let me tell you about blizzards… (she obviously has lived in the south her entire life!)

The other thing that puzzled me is the parents freaking out and not wanting their kids to go outside to play because it was still snowing. Seriously? You realize this snow will be completely gone by this time tomorrow, and probably won’t be back for at least another year. Let your kids play! In Iowa, if it got up to 20 degrees, it was warm enough to play in the snow.

My kids played in the snow (after they found their long-lost mittens)! Here are a few pics that captured the joy:

Nathan is literally jumping up and down with excitement!

Snow Angels

Meghan’s friends, Sydney & Amanda, came over to play. They scraped the snow off the driveway and put it in a box to take in the backyard to make snowballs.

When Michael came home, he went out with the kids for a snowball fight and snowman-making session…

That would be a Fruit Face! Grapes for eyes, a lime for a nose, and a banana for a mouth – and wet firewood for arms.

You think those cheeks are red – you should have seen his hands when we took off his wet mittens!

As a treat, they got to warm up in The Big Bathtub!

4 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. How fun – I do hate when parents get so freaky about the kids being out in the snow – a year . . .hey, it might be many before we have that kind of snow again!!! I am sad – we didn’t get any – a few flakes but that is all (garland). Love the pictures!! ~ love, diana

  2. SO FUN!I know what you mean about the Texans that have lived there their whole lives–they are so funny!I love that in CO it is sunny 300 days/year so even if we have a blizzard (a REAL blizzard) it is always blue, sunny skies the next day. In Chicago it was just gray, cold, and depressing for 1/2 the year!!!! UGH!

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