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Tagged again

Randi tagged me – and this one is hilarious!

Here are the rules:
Look up from the computer, look around the room where you’re sitting and pick up the closest book.
Open the book, turn to page 123, count down to the fifth sentence on that page, and then post the next three sentences.

I just picked up The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, turned to page 123, and it is WAAAAY too inappropriate to post here! Dang. I love that book. When I was pregnant with Nathan, I would sit in bed at night and read it with tears running down my face because I was laughing so hard. (BTW, you don’t need to worry about there being a significant reason that I have this book next to me! The mail lady literally just rang my doorbell and delivered a box from Amazon, and I just opened it. I ordered it for…oh, I can’t tell you yet. Stay tuned.)

OK, so I also ordered Good Families Don’t Just Happen, another one of my favorite books. Page 123 isn’t too exciting, though. It’s a chapter on “Instilling the Love of Learning”:

  • “When we were at Loyola University, we both had Mrs. Egan for child psychology. She used to tell us, ‘Bombard the environment’ – provide stimulating surroundings for your children, constantly expanding the environment with new stimuli as they develop. We hang a colorful mobile over the baby’s crib, play soft music, and situate bright-colored toys and pictures where the baby can see them. Our boys loved a red plastic apple that wobbled and rattled when they touched it.”

No wonder my kids are so screwed up. I didn’t have a red plastic apple. Oh, well. Add it to the list of things they can tell their therapists one day.

(But I really do love this book! Also ordered it for unnamed expectant parents. Michael and I read it when I was pregnant with Meghan, and it really shaped the foundation of how our family operates. The authors are a husband & wife with 10 boys. They have an AMAZING family, and taught us so much about family teamwork and respect. Highly recommend it!)

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7 thoughts on “Tagged again

  1. First, I LOVE those wobbly red apples. My kids didn’t have one, but I always push them around when I see them. If that’s a readon for needing therapy, though, we’re in big trouble.Thanks for doing the book meme. Yours was fun to read.

  2. I didn’t get tagged and I’m surrounded by medical books in my office right now so I’ll spare people what’s on page 123 but I am very blessed by what Jennifer is thankful for this week.Thanks for saying that, Honey. That makes me feel super special!!Love,Your adoring hubby

  3. Oh, please. Get a sense of humor. It’s a running joke in our family. It’s my self-deprecating way of reminding myself that I’m not a bad mom.

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