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Five years ago, through a wild series of providential circumstances, we met Eric and Alan and their wives, Gracie and Jodi. A year later, Michael signed a contract to join their pediatric ophthalmology practice. We could not have hoped for, prayed for, and certainly not expected a better match and a better circumstance for his career and our family. These three guys each realize that they have been gifted and called by God to take care of kids’ eyes, and they run their practice and their lives accordingly with the utmost integrity and humility.

If that weren’t enough, they are the greatest husbands and dads and friends! They hold each other to the highest of standards, encourage each other as brothers, and just have a great time together. The six of us and our combined nine children are truly family, and we are so thankful that God orchestrated our lives to bring us together.

Last night we went out to dinner together and celebrated the completion of Michael’s buy-in…which means he’s worked his butt off for the last three years, paid off the debt to purchase 1/3 of the practice, and is now a full partner with Eric and Alan. When he started his buy-in, we estimated that it would take about 4 years to pay off, and he did it in about 3! I’m so proud of him, and we are both so humbled and amazed at the abundant ways God has blessed us. Yippee!


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