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Weekend rendezvous

I love my husband. And I love my mom. I love my husband for letting me tag along with him for a meeting in D.C. this last week, and I really love my mom for taking care of my kids while we were gone!

Michael went to the American Academy of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus annual meeting Wednesday-Sunday. I had great intentions of getting some work done on my scrapbook journaling while he went to his meetings – and I did do a little bit – but mostly, I just slept. And slept. And slept some more. After that, I slept. Now that is my kind of vacation!

Once his meetings were done in the afternoons, we did a little bit of sightseeing. The last time I went to D.C., I was thirteen years old on a class trip – which consisted of sitting on a tour bus speeding past embassies and famous buildings, and when we did get to tour the buildings, it was often for a very brief period of time before we were off to the next building. And, of course, being of the ripe old age of thirteen, I had such a mature appreciation for all that we were witnessing (not!).

So I was very excited to go back. We only had time for a fraction of a fraction of all the sights, but we did make it to all the major monuments and memorials and two of the Smithsonian museums. Here are a few of the highlights…

From the Natural History museum – impressive large elephant, until I read the plaque that described this man who saw this elephant in the jungle back in the ’50s, ran back to get his hunting buddies, and then chased down the animal to shoot him, disassemble him, ship his to the Smithsonian, then put him back together again. Sure, the fact that his skin weighed 16 tons was interesting, but I think my daughter’s animal activism is rubbing off on me a little bit. I just kept thinking, “Poor elephant! Leave him alone!”

The American History museum is closed for renovations, but they had about 150 favorite relics in an exhibit inside the Air & Space museum. We spent most of our time in this exhibit while we were in this museum – it was one of my favorite stops! Here are Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

WWII memorial – very impressive

In front of the Lincoln memorial (it was freezing and raining this day!)

Close up of TJ himself

Very cool shot of the Jefferson monument. The cherry blossoms were in their prime while we were there! The Tidal Basin was lined with them, and we literally walked under a canopy of blossoms on our way to the monument.

Loved this quote from the FDR memorial, which in itself was another one of my favorite stops. He was such an amazing man.
Hanging out with Glen and Monika at the AAPOS closing reception. Glen was Michael’s co-fellow in Iowa, and Monika is his new girlfriend. We were pretty excited to meet her because 1) it’s pretty serious, and 2) we’re very likely to see them both at many more meetings like this for many, many years to come! She was very sweet, and we loved seeing Glen again, too.

So there you have it. This is turning out to be an adventurous spring season! I have one more weekend at home before I go to a scrapbooking retreat, then the next weekend I’m meeting my bestest pal, Holly, for our annual girls’ weekend in Austin. Woo-hoo! (good thing I got a lot of sleep on the D.C. trip because I’m going to sink into sleep deficit until summer!)

5 thoughts on “Weekend rendezvous

  1. Sounds like so much fun. I love the photo of you and Michael! I was thinking of you today as we were driving into Austin and wondering if you still do those weekends away … sounds like it’s coming right up!

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