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Weekend with friends

We’ve had two extra kids at our house this weekend, and it’s been a BLAST! My friend, Molli, has a house-full of thirteen year old girls for a weekend retreat, so we are keeping two of her kids, Ashley and Brandon (because they were supposed to stay with our other friend, Lara, but she is now on bedrest at 29 weeks…). It has been so fun! Nathan especially loves having playmates. After dinner, the kids played in the backyard and upstairs, then we got them ready for bed and watched a video while eating popcorn and M&Ms. This morning, at Ashley’s request, we had pancakes with M&Ms. It is a beautiful day today, so the kids have all been outside having such a great time together. Later, we’re headed to Griffin’s soccer game and the carnival at our church.

Michael has been making fun of me and the ways that I’m indulging and enjoying our guests. He says, “You are just practicing to be an aunt, aren’t you? You love letting them do whatever they want!” I confess, I do. I cannot wait for cousin sleepovers! (then send them back home) At MOPS yesterday, I was oogling all the newborn babies and thinking that I cannot wait for nieces and nephews. Hold ’em, cuddle ’em, spoil ’em, send ’em home!

I have to say again how thankful I am for our “team” (small group) from church. When Lara went on bedrest this week, we all immediately rallied to bring them meals and take care of their two boys, and I didn’t think twice about having Brandon and Ashley spend the night with us. In our isolated suburban mindset, it is really refreshing and so encouraging to have friends who are truly family to us.

Are these two not the cutest?!? I’ve been hearing Nathan’s calls of “Ash-A-Lee! Ash-A-Lee! Come on!” all day! I told Molli that I would make a fair trade if she would take two of our kids and leave her two with us! They are both so sweet.

And in other news, Griffin has taught himself how to ride his bike without training wheels! Meghan had taken them off his bike so she could ride it, and Griffin just hopped on and took off! I shouldn’t be at all surprised – he is definitely the most athletically coordinated of our three, and he’s six & 1/2 now. He hasn’t had much of a chance to ride his bike lately, or I suppose we would have taken off the training wheels sooner. In any case, he’s having so much fun! He’s having a little trouble with the take-off and landing, but once he gets going, he rides like the wind.


2 thoughts on “Weekend with friends

  1. Look at you: five kids and enjoying every minute! Want more? 🙂 Or is it just the knowledge that you will send two home that keeps it fun? 😉 Wish I was there for the M&M pancakes … you really will be a good aunt!And yay for Griffin! I’m not at all surprised though … it’s such a Griffin thing.

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