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Girls’ Getaway

I spent the weekend in Austin with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Holly. We were potluck roommates during our freshman year at Baylor and have been the greatest of friends ever since! I’ve even bequeathed my children to her (seriously). We don’t get to see each other very often because she and her adoring husband, Derek, and her precious girls live in College Station, but Holly and I have done a girls’ weekend together once a year for the past several years, and we always have such a great time! We priceline a hotel room for super-cheap, eat yummy and (most importantly) uninterrupted and consequently HOT meals, watch chick flicks in our pjs in our hotel room, and hit the outlet malls for some serious shopping.

Last year, we got the Renaissance for $75, but we weren’t quite as lucky this year. Holiday Inn for $65 – and it was coincidentally the same Holiday Inn that Michael and I stayed in February, only I don’ t think they have yet made the remodeling stop to this room. It was clean, but the bed wasn’t very comfy…but hey! it was $65, which left more money to throw around the outlet mall.

Run-down of the weekend:

Friday night – check in to hotel, dinner and Bellinis (yum!) at the Cheesecake Factory, horrible weather. Holly has a brand-new car, so we were driving it back and forth to a parking garage to save it from hail damage. Watched 27 Dresses in the hotel until 1 a.m. GREAT movie and very worthy of my chick flick DVD collection.

Saturday – slept in and got to the Round Rock outlets about lunchtime. Met Cheryl (Holly’s A&M roommate) and hung out with her for the day. Lots and lots of shopping (found a beautiful dress at Ann Taylor for my brother’s wedding next weekend), lunch at La Madeleine (yummy yummy creme brulee!), more shopping, finally left at 8:40 p.m. for a late dinner and margaritas. Crashed in bed around midnight after we couldn’t find a movie worth our $11.

Cheryl took the picture above at The Children’s Place, where I found tshirts for $2.00! I was literally dragging that bag behind me by the end of our stop there because it was too heavy to carry on my shoulder. We had to make several stops to the car in between stores throughout the day to drop our bags before heading back in for more bargains!

Funny sidenote to the shopping extravaganza: I suggested to Michael that we set a shopping budget for the weekend and withdraw that much in cash for my spending money (a la Dave Ramsey), which I did. By the end of our shopping day, I still had cash left, and I was like, “I have to find something else to buy!” That cash was burning a hole in my wallet. If I would have just brought my Mastercard, then I would have been content to stop about 6:30 – but noooooo, I still had money to spend! See? That’s why I can’t do the envelope system. Just doesn’t work for me. 🙂

Sunday – slept in even later, brunch at Cheesecake Factory (breakfast Monte Cristo – yum-o!), headed back home after that.

And, yes, for those of you keeping score at home, this was my second “me” weekend in a row. I do the scrapbooking retreat and Holly weekend every spring, but they just so happened to fall back-to-back this year. But don’t feel too sorry for Michael – he leaves for two weeks in Vietnam on May 13, so it all evens out. He actually did really well with the kids this weekend, just like he always does. He’s a keeper.

Miss you, Holly! Can’t wait for next year!


6 thoughts on “Girls’ Getaway

  1. Sidenote, Jennifer failed to mention part of the reason she had money left was that loving hubby (I’m not ego driven) left a little extra in her suitcase as an early Mother’s Day present! She’s worth it and I’m glad she had such a fun relaxing weekend. It really does recharge her batteries.I don’t know if they have bellinis and margaritas in Vietnam but I know they have Saki and Vodka. Cheers!Loving hubby (see above)

  2. Thanks, dear friend, for a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I’m so glad that Michael suggested a girls weekend several years ago…poor guy probably didn’t think we would turn it into an annual tradition! Be sure to post pictures of the wedding and you in your fabulous dress! :)Holly

  3. Noooooo…of course not. Even if you are 10 months older than me. “Oldest” refers to the fact that you have put up with me the longest. Not the fact that you are ahead of me on that slippery downward slope to 40. 🙂

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