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Oh Happy Day!

When I was growing up, I wanted a sister. I didn’t want the baby brother I had, but I sure wanted a sister – so badly, in fact, that I would dress up my brother, Madison, like a girl and play “house” (which could explain a lot…) On one occasion, my dad walked into the room while I was painting Madison’s fingernails – I think that is the angriest I’ve ever seen him! (well, one of his angriest moments.) That was the end of dressing up. I resorted to locking Madison in closets after that.

Today, I finally have a sister.

My baby brother – long tortured and scarred – married his long-time love, Alana, and I have never seen him happier. He could not have married anyone more sweet and kind and generous as my new sister. I love her with all my heart, and I am absolutely thrilled that she is now part of our family. They took the long road to this day – dating in high school, breaking up, going separate ways, getting back together – but seeing them together this weekend was affirmation to everyone of the miracle of true love and soul mates.

We had such a fun weekend! Many of our family and friends came in town to celebrate, and I loved catching up with all of them. I hadn’t seen some of them in more than twenty years! I especially enjoyed seeing my dad’s cousin’s daughter and her husband and kids (how’s that for a distant relative?) – our kids are close to the same ages, and I hadn’t seen her since our family reunion in ’88. We had so much fun catching up. Madison’s best man was Brad, his best friend since the first day of first grade. Brad’s parents came, too, and I don’t think I’d seen them since we left Houston when I was 12 years old. So fun.

My mom’s sister and my dad’s brother and sister both came in last week, and with my mom’s supervision, they did EVERYTHING for the wedding…and did an amazing job. It was absolutely beautiful. I don’ t think it could have been a more perfect day.

I read the scripture, Meghan was the flower girl, and Griffin & Nathan were ring bearers. For as little sleep as they got this weekend and all the sitting still expected of them, they actually did really well. I was very relieved when the ceremony and pictures were over and they could finally run around and not worry about getting dirty or wrinkled! They looked so darn cute, too. They are all crazy about Uncle Madison and Aunt Alana, who are also crazy about them. It’s so fun.

After the reception, we all changed clothes and headed to Lee Harvey’s in Dallas for a post-reception par-tay. Aaaaah – finally we could kick off those killer high-heels and relax! We didn’t get to stay very long because the kids were melting and it was already close to 10:00 (after getting home at midnight the night before and rising at 7:30 a.m. for a very full day). But we were glad we got to go for a little while and hang out with the blissfully happy couple and their friends and family.

And (drum roll please) Jackson Drew Liane will arrive sometime in September, and I will be an aunt! And I am going to spoil and indulge and dote on that precious little guy every second I can! I can’t believe how head-over-heels crazy about him I am already. I am so excited that our family is going to have a baby…and it’s not mine!!!

Congratulations, Maddy and Alana! I love you both very much!


4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. It sounds like everything went beautifully! I can’t believe there’s not a picture of you in your fabulous dress! Michael will just have to take you out for a special occasion so you can show it off. 🙂 Congrats to Madison & Alana!Holly

  2. Thank you so much, Jennifer. Your pictures are wonderful. I’m so happy to have a sister too now. All I had was a little brother too growing up so now we can finally share in the sisterhood!Love you guys so much!Alana

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