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More wedding pictures

Madison sent me this link this afternoon with a slide show of wedding pictures. They are AMAZING! Their photographer, Jamie, is married to Brad, Madison’s best man and best friend since 1st grade. She is so sweet, and obviously very, very talented!

(Bummer, though, that there is still not a picture of me in my most fabulous new dress! Oh, well…not about me. Sorry, Holly. I’m planning to wear it on Mother’s Day for the single purpose of getting a picture to post. It’s such a great dress!)



3 thoughts on “More wedding pictures

  1. What gorgeous pictures and precious memories! I love the picture of Meghan twirling in her dress…so beautiful! I’ll be waiting for the Mother’s day picture of you in your fabulous dress. :)Holly

  2. I can’t wait to see the dress!Those photos are amazing … and it looked like such a neat wedding. Are those origami birds hanging from the branches? Wow! The picture of Meghan twirling is beautiful and the boys look adorable! The photo of the kids near the cake with Meghan’s arms around Griffin is precious. Great photography!

  3. That slide show is FABULOUS! I love the music and photography–just gorgeous! The black and whites of the kiddos and the bubble pics are great. I loved Meghan’s dress and I look forward to seeing this “much hyped-up” dress of yours, Jennifer! 🙂

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